psiphon pro vpn settings

who has working safaricom or airtel vpn settings that can be used in psihpon app?

Safcom has blocked psiphon hack

What do we use now

It ain’t working anymore…

So who has got some new tricks to free internet

Who ever knows another trick to guide us

I heard there’s another one called http injector,anyone who knows how to set it up??

Droid but too slow

Ebu ni comb hapa

Leta tu. Maybe itakubali.

Click on Settings and then go to UDP Settings
4. Now configure this way:
Remote UDP port: 5432
Local UDP port: 0
Choose UDP Mode: Mode 1
TCount: 1
RCount: 3 or 1
5. Tunnel MTU size: 900
6. Return back and enjoy free Internet access

am not seeing upd settings kwa Android


proxy settings n ile ile ama

Hii stuff bdo inawork?

Anyone with [SIZE=7]psiphon pro vpn settings[/SIZE]

No man, it’s not working anymore. I have switched to an australian one - . Very good servers by the way. It is still new so there aren’t many users I suppose because the connection is simply gorgeous. Even with slow internet if you use ipv6 protocol the data exchange is very fast. A friend of mine works in IT and he says this company is one of the best out there. Hurry to get your subscription until they gain popularity, the prices will rise then.

Could you tell me some more information about it? Let’s talk in PM

How much is subscription as by now