@pseudonym meria mata will play you soon watch out or fight for him

^^^^^^^ :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Saitan umerudi?

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Wtf! Has the village fallen into …get high for one week and y’all go round and start an orgy fest of posts with nonsense…
Before we continue this the pinky y’all said was at my level this shit weak
All y’all grab em L’s on your way out mnaka kukamuliwa daily settings …dumb bitches



humans do that to each other(kurushana) the earlier you realise… the earlier the recovery from the sweep… sasa ukirushwa anguka chini na ukufe… stori ya kuanguka alafu unaamuka tena kwa mapenzi itakuumiza wewe…

This part I agree with you…why can’t ya’ll mind your own ferking business…do you see me running around talking about " the weekend". I don’t even recognize the nigga who started this thread!!!:mad: :mad::mad:

Hii love triangle or square ni ya upuss. Your ferk stories zikae inbox. meffi nyinyi washukiwa

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lol salty is salt

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We can clearly see the bottom barrel organisms with the struggles,trying to climb up the chain- give it time …you don’t come out of a comma and do the 100 m record …

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0 - 100m in 0 seconds

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by the time hii imeisha nitakuwa nacheka kicheko ya 90/- kama ile ya Ole Nti Mama

roots si wewe asubuhi ulikuwa ukitukanana na idi admean juu ya sistako?
Anyway there have been a flurry of posts but deliciousShipoto received sweeps like it was national cleaning day:D:D

Wewe inakaa uko tu kwa dunia yako

And no other sign of intelligence in the horizon my friend…but am also piecing shit together from yesternyts puff puff pass


wrink priss

Tafuta thread inaitwa “My Demise”

Me I was played by @pseudonym

Now I’m only left with playing with myself…