@pseudonym @introvert and all the mutt lovers

@pseudonym and @introvert plus the other mongerels lovers…tunawaonea 18…


DIY Pallet Dog Bed…








That’s an awesome song right there grave digger, we thank you… One can never go wrong with dogs , they are already dogs after all,right ? :smiley:

I know you!

What do you use to control fleas?

Oh yeah? Wait , If you are the wariah with a Discovery 3 then you totally know me.

I use Dudukrin with a dash of sunlight washing powder… yep , that sunlight for washing clothes.

Humbwer yangu nimeosha na dudkrin lakini iroboto haziishi. saidia @pseudonym

Peleka kwa mto ioge na maji mingi

Yeah…them already dogs :smiley:

It used to work some years back. I think my dog has a serious infestation. But she does’nt live indoors. I even asked some vet.Dr and he was suggesting I give it some pills which on googling I found they go for about 5 k on amazon per monthly dose.

I suspect some are fakes. They do not always work.

Dawa ya mendeee…dawa ya mendee…

I even tried doom, dudu dust (pet), dudu dust poultry and some flea collars.

Dawa ya mendeeeeee


Humbwer imeshinda binadamu.

Where the fuck is Nyadundo? I hope you have not been selling Mshikaki in Westlands… Panya

Nyadundo iko.
He’s on tortoise duty until end of August juu there’s a young sheppart in heat and I don’t want puppies right now.

Makanika ,si you organize for me aka puppy,priss.