Pseudonym gets Dominated (Part II)

Thanks guys. My pleasure.:slight_smile:

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na uwache kupeleka Kijana kutahiri ,we need men not sissies

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niaje vuja ndethe?

vuja seek literally

Poa nephisyphillis

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Sisemi kitu

Niliwacha. In.armed with recipes instead.

aaaw… i now need someone to absorb the adrenaline in me!!
@pseudonym u r my all time pink legend!!.. shujaa wangu ameamka akiwa 10 million legendary batallion strong!!


Iko chonjo kapsaa…!

Naona threshold ikija na si ile ya flossers wanaume…

Wueeh! I almost had milk come out of my mouth. Good stuff @pseudonym

Bless the person who told you to exhale in ktalk.

@Deorro mbona haukupin hii thread?:smiley:


:D:D:D utaleta hekaya ya threshold lini?

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hahaha…i hope you did not choke. How’s your day today?

:oops:…sande. Smith & Wesson ? I won’t stop guessing.

Please don’t bring the wrath of the left wing villagers on me.


Alternate between hot and cold presses to bring the swelling down.

He he I will drop hints .lemme first go attend this seven-year old’s birthday will be back.

@pseudonym huku kwema kabisa

I cried for d*ck .

My favourite part…to quote Lester, “Good girl!:smiley:

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