Pseudonym gets Dominated (Part II)

[SIZE=4]Afternoon talkers, Hekaya Tuesday is here and let us continue from where we stopped .A Luta Continua .

I shyly took in the sight of the naked Lester as he walked towards me.I have always been attracted to dark skins and his flawless skin and lean frame was a sight to behold,his manhood …oh gods ,this was the first time I was laying my eyes on it since he had taken me from behind earlier on ,was the center piece of this creation ,even in it’s semi aroused state ,I could tell it was a force to be reckoned with (and no, pinkies it was not a gigantic one,it was the perfect size). Lester was not a particularly handsome man but his eyes,dark with a glint of harshness were attractive as hell.He finally approached me and held out his hand, I hesitatingly put mine on his and he pulled me up and took of my dress…unclasped my bra and let it fall…His magnetic eyes took in my nakedness and I awkwardly tried to cover myself up with my hands to no avail. He detained them on my side and lowered his head to my titties and started licking and nibbling my nipples in a most delicious way. A sigh escaped me as i felt renewed desire for him kick in… I pressed myself closer to his body and felt his dick suddenly throb to life between my legs and he stepped back and held my face in his hand.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]“Not so fast temptress…I will have you at my own terms.” He calmly told me with a hint of seriousness in his voice which put an end to any protest I was about to make.

He took my hand and led me into the glass shower cubicle adjacent to his office and switched on the knobs and a jet of warm water hit my body, he took a shower gel from the shelf and lathered me slowly and gently,rubbing my neck and shoulders and slowly reaching for my boobs , massaged them with such tenderness that made me wonder if he actually had a soft side…The chocolatey scent of the gel assailed my nose making me hungry for both food and him. I moved closer to him as his hands moved lower caressing and washing my tummy,then my hips and my ass…Suddenly he dropped to his knees and kissed my navel,traced his tongue slowly down south ,I gasped as his lips made contact with mine ,his kiss sending pleasure deep inside me, bitter sweet pain,his tongue parting them and touching my clit,giving it small licks…I wanted more , I held his head and pressed his head closer as the water streamed on…his licking becoming extremely sweet making me gasp for air.
[SIZE=4]“You want me again Pseudonym,don’t you?” [/SIZE][SIZE=4]He asked me in a harsh tone as he stood up , his hard dick throbbing between us.
“Yes.” I whispered with a lowered head and an embarrassed tone. I hated the way I lusted for him.
"Good."He replied and proceeded to turn off the taps.

We stepped out of the cubicle and he gently rubbed me dry and himself as well.

“Let me make you mine again.” He said with his arrogant tone which i hated and loved in equal measure.

He led me to the office and sat me up on the edge of the desk, parted my thighs and stood close to me. I wrapped my legs around his waist as his lips came down on me…I could taste myself on his lips and i parted my lips for a deeper kiss…Passion blazed between us and suddenly I was on my back on the desk and he hoisted my legs up and pushed them towards my head and held them there with one hand. My pussy was fully exposed to him and he proceeded to touch it…I moaned as he gently put in one finger and slowly fingered me and rubbed my swollen clit with his thumb, my juices flowed and i could feel them trickling down to my ass, his finger trailing them to the puckered entrance and rubbing it gently…that was a new pleasure point for me…no one had ever played there before and I wondered whether people really enjoy anal sex. Thankfully the attention there was brief and i sighed in relief when his fingers went to my cunt again,fingering me ,teasing me…making me beg and yearn for more.

“Do you want my dick again?” He harshly asked as he spanked my ass.
“Yes sir!..please.” I begged.

He briefly let me go and sheathed himself with a rubber. Took my legs and put them up on his shoulder. He led his dick to the entrance and slid in the head…I gasped and twisted wanting the whole length but he stopped there and slid out ,slid his head back in and out again and again…oh gods the torture he was putting me through was more than I could take, to make it worse,his fingers were caressing my inner lips and clit making me wetter and hornier… I begged him, without pride or embarrassment now, I begged him with all the nasty adjectives I could think of to fill my cunt . Never had I known a man with such control that it made me want to cry in frustration.

“Please Sir…now”. I whimpered.
“I was waiting for that.Good girl.” He said in his superior tone.

And finally he slowly slid his whole length in…each inch stretching my pussy walls so deliciously that i trembled and moaned with joy of the renewed acquaintance with his cock. He slowly slid out completely and i could feel his tip on my entrance. He stopped. I cried for dick .

“Will you ever argue with me again ,Pseudonym?” He asked.
“I will never ,ever do that again sir.” I promised with all the honesty I could master.

Lester rammed his dick inside me after the response with brutal force, I screamed with ecstasy . He ferked me hard ,his dick hitting all the sides of my pussy . The rhythm became beautiful and cruel at the same time but I didn’t care. I came in waves and screamed his name, my wet pussy clenching his dick until with a mighty roar he came cursing and calling my name.

After awhile,after our gasping for breath had subsided he pulled me off the table and led me back to the settee and we lay there looking at The Nairobi skylight…It was late dawn and never has the city looked so appealing to me before.

“It looks awesome.” I commented.
"Wait until you see the sky at midnight. There’s a full moon tonight."He replied and kissed my neck.
"MIDNIGHT? oh crap! I exclaimed.
He laughed.




November inakaribia

ile tent imeform …ama wacha tu


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Hii tutasoma pombe ikishuka. Na vile mambo inaenda naona ni kwanzia Monday hivi erekshen or no erekshen. Na si Huyu maraga anasumbua.

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Lycra ni muhimu




Oh nice!!!
Thank you so much… Nimeshukuru.:):slight_smile:

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substitute Lester with Okwonkwo and the story is true


pitia pale Facebook page ya Masturbators Anonymous usaidiwe

woiii niwakinjukithia o ringi ndi matatu INI. Kai urenda atia nanii madamu?


Ai, kae nawe uturaga thiini wa matatu mani?:D:D


wandika uguo ringi niugutuma ndarure mubuto. I love your hekayas Btw

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No need for foreplay tonight


[SIZE=6]pseudonym[/SIZE] AKA boner activator …nimependa sana


nani amenionea @Joel

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You and me both sister.

no more sex talk!
i am not in a position to think about sex for next four days and i can only rub myself against this tree for so long before i grind it down…so please, no more of this embellished soft-core animal husbandry