So business guys, wale ma guru wa kuanzisha gamezones.The unabated PS 5 imetoka.I know most of you mmeona bei.

Is it worth it?
Mind you in my locale,we have savvy gamepreneurs who rent a ps 4 at 500 bob a day.

It’s still too expensive to place in a gamezone,wait for the price to go back to normal considering you also will need a 4k tv to get the most out of the console

I already turned away from this business Idea…have gamezones around you invested in these?

Can give it @135k

PS5 disc version retail price is $499 on Amazon. That is about 54,000 ksh.

If you buy the digital edition straight from Amazon or Walmart, it’s $399 or about 44,000 ksh.

Shida ni demand ilikuwa high, zikaenda out of stock on all major retailers accross the world.

So hao majamaa wanauza PS5 140k walinunua na hiyo bei ya $399 ama $499; probably even less if they bought in bulk.

Ukihesabu pesa ya shipping plus tax wanakula kama 70k to 80k profit.

Anyway, stock ya PS5 itarudi March next year na hiyo bei ya $399 ama $499.

It’s just 3 months away.
Afadhali kungoja mpaka stock zirudi na bei ishuke.

@captain obvious uko wapi? Come cry here, people are wasting THEIR money in trying to enjoy themselves with PS5 and not your cyber.

Leo umetomba mamako? Ukitaka tukojolee thread tutakojoa, I’m game.

vivid gold wanauza 82k
but ikifika march saa ile wazungu maghassia wameshaaboeka nayo, bei itapungua

i wish watu warelax, hawa watu wenye walinunua 100+ pieces ndio wauze at a profit wabaki nazo kwa store zao washindwe kurudisha wajinyonge

You’re right most retailers did that in anticipation,saa hii gamers wanaingalilia 18 ju ya specs,bei ikishuka kuna watu watadedi vile stocko itamumunya maji

Saa hii PS4 pro inaretail mangapi? Let me play the game when others are distracted by hype :smiley: @captain obvious give me the price .

Hiyo hesabia 45k to 55k. Kwanza vile dollar inadinya shilling sahii bei zinapanda tu.


Asanta. Where do I find your stall or kiosk? You’ll remain anonymous :smiley:

Digital edition huwezi run biz nayo. Itabidi udownload games zote kwa each console which will eat up the space very fast. Digital edition is good for home use. Nikona xbox series s digital edition and its ok for personal gaming though nitarudi ps5.

Sigwes ji-doxx :D:D
I buy my consoles from ile shop ya mchinku, though siku hizi I don’t see that chinku
Inaitwa Games Experts Ltd.
Accra Plaza Ist Floor shop no. 7 ama Skymall 2nd floor Room no. S403

Cheaper to import. Siku nne unachukua Easleigh.

Cheaper by how much?

Lemme leave this here