Ps5 @140,000

Everybody sells it locally at 140+k, I wonder if this is blatant greed or has to do with other factors.

That has to be grey market considering PS5 for our region was released yesterday. No way it would get here that fast.

God bless ktalk. Thanks

The only kid here is @uwesmeffi

I expect it to be around 70 - 80k. But I wouldn’t rush to buy it. It just looks like a rushed unfinished product: sleep doesn’t work, random crashes, the SSD expansion port is disabled… Why would they release a product with one of the main features disabled?

Complaints of the coil/fan noise already are on the rife. Plus overheating. Just like base PS4/the notorious PS4 pro. Microsoft does better in that regard. Needless to say, a ps5 slim version might solve the issue. I’d wait for it.

Very high demand from early adopters. Expect price to normalize as interest dwindles

140k? Uwesmake… those 264bags of cement .

Can’t use 264 bags of cement to play Demon’s Souls.

But you can use them to construct a brazier suitable for your demonic soul

kama plumber amekataa io ni sonkoste shit…

io takataka if you download the pirated virtual versiin experince would be the same if not simular

You spent 140k alafu next Yr the come up with another console with few tweaks alafu pricetag is 200k consumerism is a bitch… henyway to each his own.

Cycle is longer than 1year. Maybe 4.
Some analysts are speculating that if cloud gaming Kama akina google stadia etc come of age, there may be no successors to the series x and ps5

It’s not really consumerism. Some people like games and some games are only playable on certain systems. Personally I wouldn’t buy it this early or at that price but if someone does I can’t judge them. Gaming is a kinda expensive hobby. Like photography, cycling, travelling, etc.

Why cant people let others enjoy good things? Pesa usiotengeneza yakuashia nini. Fcukin pissants

Hehehe…we already have tech to build electric cars and the world now it’s the better option for the earth but toyota is still making billions…
The so called cycle is filled with fake leaks which is part of their play to create intrest and hype for would be buyers.

Hii ni kugongwa kama kawaida. Ati 140,000/- for a bunch of electronics can’t cost more than 10k kuunda. Kisha uspend other thaoz on games not to mention time wasted indoors kunyonga manky. Huoni nani ni fala hapa ignorant consumers. Once wengine wetu tulimaliza high school hii mambo na video games tuliacha.

Even if l was to hook up a gaming system for my son a few years from now natumia simple PC ya 25k na internet games free. Can’t cost me more than 50k. Gaming pad ni 1k for the wireless one

Mi kusema ukweli ni peasant basi… Nilikwama PS2 when in high school early 00s sijawahi toka hiyo boot loop. Akina sisi tuketi tent gani?

FYI PS players: Black Friday sale going on on PSN store. Good time to shop for games. For SA PSN accounts, PS+ is on offer too.


on Xbox side too:

Haha tamaa makes you broke… that money is three times the retail