PS4 games

Cheapest games ntatoa wapi.

Cant spend 5k on one game

leta pesa nikurushie EA SPORTS


Carrefour ya Two Rivers. Bought PES @ 1k

Uko na PS4 gani? kama ni slim/pro chip that shit and enjoy

Niko na slim
Games ni how much

Games za PS4 ni pesa mingi sana 5k+ saka a guy mwenye anaweza chip ps4 you will be good otherwise two rivers opposite carefour(wherever) kuna shop bigi huuza simu, ps na games ama jaribu jumia

Lakini anko fifa 19 ni meffi sana.

Do you have a NA psn account? Sony has been having crazy sales since last year. There is a sale almost every month. I saved over $800 last year because of sales (I bought FIFA 19 at $26.99 when merchants were selling at that 6K price). You get far better discounts if subscribed to PS Plus. PS Plus subscribers also get free games each month. CoD Infinite Warfare remastered is free this month, Hitman and For Honor were free in February. I have saved $400 already in 2019. Those 6K ($59.99) games drop to 800-1.2K (7.99-11.99) during sales. There is a massive sale going on right now, The Great Indoors sale. It ends today. The NA psns get the most sales. Create one using a vpn. If you chip/mod/jailbreak your playstation, you won’t be able to play the latest games and no online play for you.
Beware, the sales can tempt you to overspend. I spend as much as I like on games because I have a well paying job and still a bachelor (by choice:D).

saidi ilibidi nirudi FIFA 18


mimi kwa pena ndio nime shindwa kufunga bao kabisa… one day najua the other ina kua ngumu…

As long as you have an active subscription… Ukigift that ps to say your nephew they won’t be able to play the ‘free’ games.

Download Apex Legends.

Hata sio mambo ya kuwa ngumu juu I usually play fifa ikiwa legendary hardness. Hii kitu ni meffi juu ikona bugs mob. Wase wengi wamerank fifa 19 as the worst fifa game ever.

Bugs kama gani ndio ume notice?

Watu wa dream-league ya simu wakae wapi…

titles? unataka ngapi?

PC master race. Tunadownload games bill kusumbua

god of war
spiderman 2018
red redemption 2
the nathan drake collection

hizi nitapata na ngapi?