PS4 fans cancel The Last of Us 2


The much anticipated TLOU2 has recently come under fire after leaks online revealed a plot riddled with SJW and political propaganda. Attempts by the game director, Niel Druckmann, to salvage the triple A game appear to be fruitless as judging by the number of dislikes on his YouTube video, fans appear to have cancelled him as well. What are your thoughts about the game? Will you still get it?

Get Woke Go Broke. You’d think they’d learn from Mass Effect.

:D:D Man, they found a way of ruining an impossible to ruin game.

gamees will vote with their feet

Latest mass effect was a shit game in general, it wouldn’t do well anyway

:D:D:Dstrory line ilileak pale reddit:Dapparently they made the game homosexual AF!! preorders kwisha

Was really waiting for this game. Its bullshit that i will have to play a character who kills Joel and probably Ellie. Sielewi how they expect us to play as a character you already hate for killing and trying to kill, the two characters who made the game enjoyable and gripping. With that said, i will still buy the game, but after they place it on offer, a few months down the line.

Am sure it will be discounted on Halloween sale. Will probably cost about $35-40 on the USA ps store.

Save the cash for Cyberpunk 2077

:D:D:Dhiyo itatoka 2077…:Dnaskia shit makes consoles bleed thus the delays

Ahaha! Mazee they have delayed it from 2013 until the current generation imeisha bado hatujaiona. Na pia hiyo ikona SJW propaganda.

Imagine utacheza as the above character. Yani mpaka kwa videogames wanaweka this maam shit.

Is that a fucking shemale?


still expensive, considering its already decided the game ni bullshit. i am waiting hadi ifike $16 to $20 kwa store

they are trying really hard to push the LGTBQ agenda down our throats. They have fucked up a good game.

They made sure we can’t enjoy movies and tv shows in 2020 due to LGBTQ propaganda and now they have infiltrated our safe space, videogames. The game should fail ndio iwe funzo kwa wengine! I feel we can fight off LGBTQ for at least 15 more years before they take over our videogames.

You know the irony is, in the long run this will hurt the woke crowd. I think what will happen is the opposite of what you’re saying. The backlash against PC culture in gaming will continue to grow. 15 years from now if a developer is gay he or she will have to hide it because no one will want to hire a virtue signalling loser, fearing they will try to inject politics into their product. By then, studios will know that’s the quickest way to lose money. The corporate guys who fund these ventures wako out of touch with reality kidogo, in time I believe watachanuka and they’ll stop going woke after realizing it only caters to a tiny fraction of the market.

If that doesn’t happen then we’ll definitely see the meteoric rise of independent studios. That’s what happened in the comic book industry in the 90s with writers leaving Marvel and DC to set up mature publishing houses like Dark Horse, Image and WildStorm comics.

On top of gay agenda they always inject feminazi shit, to this ppl a strong straight man is bad.

Right now marvel and dc comic book companies are making losses due to feminism and lgbtq garbage.
They have gender switched many heroes, made straight males weak and stupid and made females characters look ugly because the weirdos on twitter do not like beautiful women in comics.
And now the mcu is going the same route.