Proton mail

Hii shiet after some villager posted for the slow ones ime-lead to shida hapa. It’s now 5 NVs every day with silly questions in phony threads. It is now a race for likes and rank climbing. Mara saidieni, mara nikona swali, mara sijui nini. All because a swiss tech project with ambitions to collect data is offering free unverified email accounts.
This multi handling shieth is getting outta hand. Nikama zile accounts za Imperial Bank.

Ongezea @KaBuda na ufala zake and you will see the whole village is overflowing with shonde. It’s time to fix the sewers @Mundu Mulosi. Creativity is at stake. And please will all the pinkies just disappear and the mjeledi holders behind them commit to blue?

I know this is in no way related to this thread but I gotta say, @Phenomenal Woman’s clit is something.

I know this is also in no way related to this thread but I gotta say, iko malaya inaitwa @pseudonym

Receipt 1

Receipt 2.


:D:D:D I bet you didn’t see that coming. :eek:

Beta male with beta pickup lines exposed.

Halafu hii ujinga ya watu kuwa na opinions on shit they have zero clues about hamtaacha?

The things go skrrrrrrrrrrrra papa pa pa skrrrinduuuuum. Kirikikaka. Man’s never hot:D:D:D:D