Protesting for Palestine is not allowed in Kenya

Incase yall moslems forget, you are living in a Christian country and we have gone above and beyond to accommodate you, the unnecessary noise you make for us, given you holidays.

As a Christian nation we support Israel 100%,we are allies of Israel. We support everything Israel does and we will not condone yall taking advantage and actually abusing our generousity to you. To go on Kenyan streets to protest against Israel.

You know that we are good people, sisi ni wangwana but when you push we can be ruthless ask makaburi and his cohorts. Keep your opinions to yourselves or move to Somalia where you can do what you want with no respect for anyone.

Israel you have our unconditional support in your war against Palestinians who have propelled 1500 rockets to you. God bless Netanyahu. Kenya is an ally of Israel and has always been. As a Christian country we will not accept any anti semetic rhetoric. If you love Palestinians so much move to Iran. Don’t come to bother us here. In Kenya we love Israel. Anyone who does not love and support Israel can look for audience else where.

Agreed, didn’t see any demonstration when 147 got killed.

When you say you support Israel, speak for yourself. Kenya will gain nothing by taking sides. In fact taking sides will put Kenya in danger. And Both Wayahudi and Waarabu hate us.

In fact for a Kenyan, employment prospects are better in Dubai, Qatar and other Arab Countries. Thats another reason we should stay out and not take sides.

It’s sad when you see this clip and of all the people- Benjamin Natenyahu calls Africans infestants… yes the chosen people of God who are told to love thy neighbor. Feerrk Israel

Which danger? These people are cowards, if they are men they should fight in a proper way not killing civilians. In fact if these jokers kill you bcz you can’t recite their things you are going to heaven straight for being a martyr. So let them come baby come. There’s nobody who will not die. Even the ones killing will die. Moslems can not intimidate us with threats of terrorism.

Anyway, wenye munaenda maandamano kesho, be ready to get teargas and be beaten. We are not going to entertain this nonsense. Move to a moslem country muache kutusumbua.

Makena Israel wanachukia blacks. In as much as I hate Moslems, Israel si wazuri pia so as Kenyans let’s sit this one out but be ready to deal with them wakianza ufala.

Again SPEAK FOR YOURSELF. Stop this nonsense of speaking for other Kenyans.
I am not ready to die. And I don’t want any of my friends and relatives to die.
Kenya has already been victimized by terrorist many times. We have a government that cannot defend its people. Our best bet is to stay out of conflicts and not take sides.

Also you are just chest thumping here. If you are ready to die, then lets see you enlist and go fight Al Shabaab to protect Kenyans instead of chest thumping here. You are acting like those very same suicide bombers who kill themselves for their religion. But instead of strapping a bomb to your chest, you are thumping your chest while hiding behind a computer

Can you kindly tell us which countries so called refuges are coming from? Europe entertained so called refugees now they are in big problems with no end in sight with these moslem. They have destroyed their countries with anarchy then they go to peaceful countries to cause mayhem. I wish Kenyan government would have been this strict with Somali refugees we would not be having the problems we are having now with our children being slaughtered like chicken. Israel is a country which puts their citizens first. If their people are kidnapped halfway around the world they go for them. Kenya can’t rescue its kidnapped citizens and soldiers just here in Somalia. Israelis are protecting themselves from extinction. If you spoil your own country it’s not the responsibility of other countries to endanger their citizens to accommodate you.

A coward dies a thousand deaths. Be a man and stop groveling. Where’s your pride.

On the issue of .ke supporting Israel, GOK takes and faithfully executes ORDERS from U.S period.

I wonder how bonobos get involved in somethings, tujenge kwetu.

Ethiopian Jews. Go read about them.
I agree Kenya and Kenyans should sit this one out. Not our fight.

If you are so tough then why havent you gone to fight Al Shabaab to protect Kenyans?
Are you on the streets protecting civilians from carjackings and muggings?
Tell us about when your neighbours house was being robbed and you saved the day.
You are one of those who acts tough while hiding behind a computer.

I wish Kenyan government would have been this strict with Somali refugees

This is the kid of issue Kenyans should be concerned about. I have said many times that our corruption is killing us.
But instead of being issue based voters, Kenyans are too concerned with being tribe based voters.
When civil society calls a demo to address corruption, only 20 Kenyans attend. But when a tribal King calls a rally even 4 years before the election, thousands of Kenyans attend.
Kenyans are to blame for our plight. Tunavuna tulichopanda

What would I be doing fighting in Somalia? I live in a country that has been in peace since I was born, what will I be going to do among people who destroyed their country based on clanism and they don’t want to pay taxes and be under a government? I pay taxes. I follow the law so that I don’t have to deal with living in a lawless country OK? If they don’t want to pay the price Bas let them live in a war torn country with militants jostling for power. They had a country then they decided to destroy it, same as how African countries destroy their own economy then their people are forced to be slaves to Arabs and others in Europe and the US dealing with bad weather, racism. If you don’t care about yourself, don’t expect that it’s a 3rd party who has their shit together who will come and help you. They will exploit you.

Ethiopia is a country with lots of rasilimali. You can’t compare it to Israel, why are Ethiopians moving to Israel when they have their own country?

Africans we must face the truth btw. You destroy your economy. You destroy peace in your country bcz of greed then you go to Middle East or the US or Israel and expect to be treated like royalty? Gimme a break.

I don’t take sides. But if I was forced to, I know who have actually killed Kenyans and forced us to have to undergo security screening at every space.

The so called pro Palestinian protestors should show a tenth of their outrage when their brethren murder Kenyans including invading and murdering unarmed innocent college students. Bunch of cowards.

wish the police had demanded prove of citizenship then deported them to their own shitholes where they can freely express their solidarity with their brethren

Because you said you are not afraid to die. Prove how tough you are. Instead of hiding behind a computer and thumping your chest, about your willingness to die, you should actually do it. If not your nothing but a coward who pretends to be tough.
Or maybe you are only willing to die for Israel?
Then feel free to die for Israel as you suggested but don’t include other Kenyans in your suicidal thoughts. Again speak only for yourself.

Inferiority complex of Africans amazes me.

Seriously??? Do you know that a Israeli calls you (African) an infiltrator if he sees you in Israel visiting Jerusalem [SIZE=5]where your Jesus was born. [/SIZE][SIZE=5]They dont even recognize Jesus, btw (since you mention God). [/SIZE] To them you are particulate matter to be caught in a filter (like majani chai) and thrown out to Sudan ( they dont know what Kenya is).

They invited jews worldwide to live in that country. Black jews legally moved in too. Then they started kicking out Black jews.

Even the women consider [SIZE=5]Black people a cancer. You are scum of the earth to Israelis. [/SIZE][SIZE=5]In a hierchachy of racists, they are 2 tyers above Arabs. 3 above Indians. At least 5 above mzungu. [/SIZE]

It is very important for Israel to maintain their Jewish identity and to do this they must eliminate any form of contamination especially from BLACK MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS. You must know the majority of this immigrants come from Sudan, a muslim majority country and therefore tend to act and think they are arabs creating a new front for security concern above the already ‘hot’ situation.

Finally, if you are POOR, please stay in your country and fight your problems.

Since when did Kenya become a Christian country? Kenya is a SECULAR country brare silly! Mumewekewa CRE kwa syllabus mkaanza kufikiri Kenya belongs to religious idiots…it does not!