Protecting your Intellectual Property

@Gio @jaymoh @Deorro and other knowledgeable talkers, I need your input here.

I have an idea that I need implemented. It involves creating an android app to interact with a database application. I need to outsource the development of this system since I cannot even “hallo world” in android. My worry however is that whoever I give the task of developing the application may run away with the idea and make money before I say ng’wee. I know I can get the developer to sign an NDA, but from experience, NDA is a gentleman’s agreement at best.

How do you protect your IP when dealing with contractors?

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Create a wire frame of how it works and file it with the Copyright board, not sure if you can get a patent for software stuff.
But if you feel its pretty important you can draft a patent claim and some sort of wireframe drawings & clains and file as is, because the patent law works on who filed first and make the adjustments later as and when needed

You cant get a patent for an idea that can be implemented by anyone.

What is surprising is that the idea is so simple when it goes public, people will wonder why they had not thought of it. And that is my worry coz someone, almost anyone, can replicate it.

kama hao wawili ndio tu umeona wanajua wakujibu basi

No man. I said “and other knowledgeable talkers”. I had to tag someone, you know.

Hapa Kenya siri ni kumake quick profit kabla copycat waingie…on a Safaricom kuharibia Uber…Sportpesa sasa compe ni kibao… Ghafla pia

Yes you can, if you are the first to present it and when they do a search yours is unique or has some novelty in it. Also dependent on how the patent is drafted and the claims made on it

A lady hawezi jiexpress on technological matters hivi vile umejiexpress.
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As an example: You develop an app that enables the phone to identify other phones within its vicinity (like 10m radius). What would you patent there? You can only copyright the app.

Ok, noted.

What is your contribution then?

What do you want to claim as novel there?

I just want to protect myself such that when I contract someone to make the app for me, s/he wont change just a single thing and release it to the market before me.
Like I said, the idea is one that is so simple people will bang their heads wondering why they never did it before.

Hmmm intresting…following

Then claim as many things as possible that your app does and file it, get a filing date first. Then get going, a patent can take 2 years and numerous corrections along the way before being issued a certificate. The filing date and claims are whats important.

@aviator stop copying my idea

Go to global freelancers. I regret not having done that with my website.
Kenyan IT guys are shady, and even if they deliver, they’ll replicate it.



Ok, think of this (am almost giving away my idea). You create an app on your phone that captures photos and uploads them to a database. of course what you do with the database is another story all together.
What can you patent there?

A good idea. Plus my idea is unlikely to be replicated outside kenya.

Is that all you can contribute?

See what am talking about. Imagine if I contract your friend to develop the app for me.