Prostitution is the most Noble profession of all

First all, as some of you may know, I try as much as I can to NOT engage with prostitutes, so this is not why I want vouch for them…

But I want recognize the noble men and women who have sell their bodies just to put food on the table and engage in some luxuries of life here and there… I mean if you had to sell something, the last thing you want to sell is your own body, but here are men and women who are desperate enough to do this… you may not recognize them today or even in 50 years but I bet that in a [SIZE=7]post-scarcity future[/SIZE], people will pay homage to their ancestors who had to resort to this profession just to achieve their day to day life goals

Ask yourself, how many dollar millionaire street prostitutes are out there, probably zero… because no-one becomes a prostitute by choice

Yani people are just here to promote homosexuality??

you never heard of males who serve women’s sexual needs and fantasies? travel the world man? you never heard of beach boys, jinetero, gigolo, male escorts and strippers e.t.c

Vanishingly rare, plus on average women will rarely part with money to be sexually satisfied in a similar fashion as men.

especially in your dreams, Women in real-life pay for sex all the time, not as often as men and not always in cash like men but they pay for a good time every once in a while, nevertheless that is not the point of this post, am talking about all prostitutes here, both men and women

Are you excluding men who sell their bodies to other men? Or are they part of your “point”

am not excluding those either, why?

Literally putting hoes on the pedestal.

He is interested in their charges

Yes, you are right I am putting them on a pedestal, they sacrifice too much fucking smelly, old and fat men and women they don’t care about…just to put food on the table, life and luxury should not be that hard to get, with so much natural resources on this earth, even without working, people should be able to live a good life

No such thing as male prostitutes. Go figga.

There is nothing noble about laying on your back counting cracks in the ceiling while someone uses your body.

when they do it for survival it’s the most noble thing, even more noble than sisterhood and priesthood

If not this is a thread to promote gayism low key.