Prostitution bill disowned

Following heightened interest, Parliament has been forced to disown a Bill seeking to legalise prostitution in Kenya.

The Sexual Enterprise Bill, 2018, which is a mock Bill by students at the Kenya School of Law, had ignited debate on whether Kenya was about to legalise the world’s oldest profession.

The National Assembly went on Twitter to dismiss the Bill stating that Majority Leader Aden Duale had said that no such Bill had been published or tabled before Parliament


I find it interesting how “Vice” is very subjective in the world. What is immoral in one part of the world is very moral in the other side. Prostitution should be legal. Everybody is a prostitute, we just sell different parts of our body.

Prostitution in Kenya ni kama hiko legal tu we have well known brothels kama SJ and I have never heard them being raided by the police?

I’m going to get heat for this, but even wives practice prostitution. A headache is nothing but another way of saying “please me”. Si I give you kes 500 tukajane? Ama?

Mothers everywhere, I’m not talking about you.

I like how parliament rejected the bill without even discussing if it’s okay to legalize the trade.

We must protect our children who are forced into prostitution so they can serve old white males and women at the coast.

I agree. The protection must be both physically and virtually. You could be raising your children in Nyayo Highrise apartments thinking all in nice and safe kumbe tv radio and the literature they’re consuming are making them rotten in the head.

you want to lie to the whole world right here today that you have never bedded a lady of the night?! Never ever?

Hehehe. Ma sponsor hunibamba, hapa Ktalk “Yeah we need to protect our children from evils of society…”

Na pale Whatsapp umeangusha kizungu yote trying to seal that 1p.m or 4 p.m tryst.

“Aki tu lets meet, I’ll pick you up. I’ll buy lunch. Hata nywele nitalipia…”

“Na nyumba?”

“Eeeh mambo ya nyumba si tuongee tukikunywa soda hapo Natives… say around 1.30p.m I’m not too busy just cancel your classes!”


Whether they legalize it or not, it has been happening worlwide ever since man was created, every other minute!

2018…kenyans have talks of lets protect our children
…yet worst parents ever …live in densely populated gentrified communes…never uses any parental lock feature physically or virtually…but lets not make it legal, it will influence them and they will have rotten minds?
Excuses of people who aren’t responsible…and falsehood in a communal image…lemme just pause its friday morning …sina time wala interest in low i.q bs

Who doesn’t know prostitution is legal in Kenya!? Every major town mahali popote busy kuna “display”. In fact police are more likely to “arrest” you more than they are the vendors.

hizo chains wamevaa kwa miguu in the attached foto humaanisha nini

Common misconception by “wabara” ni kuwa ni mapambo tu. However akivaa shanga mguuni (can’t remember which leg) inamaanisha anatoa tigo (back sector) used as an easy identifier even for the gays.

Dafuq? How are you going to assume someone’s life on the internet?

Patco are trying to tell us you pay for puthii :D:D:D

Jibu swali nani. Wacha ku deflect.

Si umesema hapo juu poko ni wa wazungu as if hujawai waona na nyeuthi… ama kama umewaona ati huwa unapita mbio sana kama umebeba Bible, hata huangalii juu ya vile umeokoka … Nonsense.

Let’s be real here. You may not go to SJ but I sure as hell know there’s a socialite whose hair you are taking care off and whose rent you are paying.

And whoring is whoring! The only difference is that SJ is cheaper than the college girl.

We tuumbo kwanza unakaa kuruka bill ukimaliza kutwanga…ama ukishamnunulia kuku na guarana tatu na akatae unazusha usiku mzima…

“Mimi siwezi nunua hio fobe yote unifanyie hivo wewe msishana! Hii shuma razima irare dani dani dani! Kuja twede room nisharipa!”

Nimecheka sana hahahaha.

The crazy fantasies you have by yourself must have you drool on the floor. I’m not a sponsor of any socialite once you get to know how the brain of a ho works, you’d get bored very quick.

Na kama sio slay queen ama sj basi tuumbo wacha kusumbua mboch!!