Prostitutes and stagnation

Do prostitutes cause stagnation In life was once so Into them still mildly.
…feel I’m ascending at a very low pace than usual compared to me peeps.
Is there spiritual aspect na prostitutes ama sex is just sex cause by default all gals undergo this period cock carousel which by default is soft prostitution but I’m talking matters hard prostitution.

Yes, there is a spiritual aspect to prostitution. Prostitution can create a sense of stagnation in life because it is a form of self-destructive behavior. It can create feelings of guilt and shame, as well as a disconnect from God or other spiritual sources. Additionally, it can lead to a cycle of negative emotions and energy, further damaging one’s spiritual life.

omwafrika looking for excuses for his failures in life. This time he has found a perfect excuse. lanyes.

Ruto hupenda malaya sana and he is a President.,… FANYA BIDII KIJANA

Bora usilipe more than 1 chuani


@Night-runner aliambukizwa fistula na malaya mzee .kazi Kama si kusprint usiku mithili ya Usain bolt ni kukunia kwa kitanda

Muhimu sana.

Nimesoma mwanzo wa hii thread nika yawn karibu nimeze thermos ya chai yenye iko juu ya meza banae.Seems like lanyes are the low hanging fruits when it comes to looking for excuses for unfulfilled dreams.

Can I get that verse?


Explain using diagrams how exactly lanyes caused your stagnation.

Reads like an AI-generated response.

Sometimes in hindsight in my old age i think in life do your best always ukiskia unataka kudinyana dinya mpaka malaya mzee @TrumanCapote ukioa be faithful mpaka wife akikupata ukiwa ndethe na mboch anasema alikuwa aki kuosha kama we ni kalewa kunywa mpaka ulale mtaro kama we ni wa church preach mpaka kanyari ajoin church yako…at the end …no one is cumming out of this life alive

This description is as fake and fague as it can get,unaeza kua more specific.

Nazi akikosa kuzaa husingizia jua.

Cut off alcohol, anything you do drunk is a blurr, poor judgement. You are better off dealing with that first. If you have sex with someone sober that’s a conscious decision you have made and as a man you own it! Do not look at life from a spiritual sense, utapotea. Right now unatry kusema eti kuna spirit inafanya uwe stagnant kwa life, sounds like someone who does not want to take responsibility for their actions. Figure out what exactly is the issue. Then fix it, story ya spirit ni hekaya, think logically.

Niliwachana na lanyes more than a year ago. I can confidently tell you that iko blessings God haezi release in your life if you’re in the wrong/harmful relationship/habbits. God cannot elevate you financially coz utaspend alot of time and energy on lanyes

Ile upus Iko Kwa hii thread can reduce your IQ by double digits

Hii ni ile thread ya diploma and certificate holders

A senior elder has this to say:

You better stop right now young man.Cant relate to such PNC since I stopped.I am beginning to believe the soul ties nonsense when you fuak many women.Ukideenya wa bad luck hizo ma bad luck zinakufwata.Siku za kukula lanye ningeamka kuenda job gari inakataa ku start for no reason.Nikichukua gari ingine ati battery is dead na hata haijakaa six months since I bought it.Unachukua uber unalipishwa 1500 hadi tao na app yako inashiw 900 inabidi tumekorofishana.Tangu niche hio maneno sina mkosi yoyote apart from the usual polite ups and downs za life.Ile vibe ya avoid the unlucky and the unhappy resonates very well kwa maisha ku hunt malanye .Sikuizi Kazi ni kupatia bibi shoti moja mzito daily na kupatia Riziki shoti tatu mzito once every two weeks.Planteshen hoyeeeee!!