Prosecute Muhoho if he imported bad sugar, Uhuru Kenyatta says

honestly kamwana wants to do right by kenyans in his second and last term (something to do with legacy) however as soon as he steps outside his front door sabotage inaanza na his immediate neighbor then his family are just something else…more like a deer caught in head lights he is doomed if he does and if he doesn’t

This is witch-hunt… Kumi fresh.

Nothing here…The sights are on WSR…he must be disqualified from contesting the presidency 2022 come what may…but with fatal results!!!

Who takes this guy serious anyway? Who expects his brother to be prosecuted? He’d rather remain silent than play PR games with minds of Kenyans.

It better he said it, RV politician should follow, let them declare that everybody should carry his or her own cross.

He is the face of an institution(family), the controllers are in the backstage. Ata maneno ya legacy ni kufunga watu macho ndio another kenyatta can be fronted in future.

Nategea hiyo mixtape…

Hapa tunacheswa Isoriat

hizi jokes mnazitoa viusasa ama ni wapi mnazitoa sisi pia tuende tucheke? @patco unajua?

it is very simple arudishe all the land his father grabbed and implement the tjrc report

Chances are that the brother has his paperwork in order, so there is no problem there. The guys in trouble are those who grabbed the opportunity with the hope of oiling a few hands in the process to legalize their contraband sugar.

any patriotic Kenyan out there should support these campaign to block hustler out. matters corruption will also disqualify the likes of sonko from politics.

By the way it should be applied across the board to disqualify all and sundry who are agents and beneficiaries of corruption. It would be blessing by default to Ouru Legacy.

ndio watajua hawajui the real gathecha. naona akihepa na funguo za state house na nyumba yenyewe huko Ichaweri. Ati honestly kamwana wants to do right… what of the Waiguru fiasco? What of his uncle and bro?

hii ni wishful thinking. Using hyperbole to deflect from the crux of the matter.

enzi za roadside announcements ziliisha na Mtukufu Rais DTAM. What he needs to do is rally his MPs to enact laws that will create the legal framework for lifestyle audit and lie detector tests.

You forgot his sister at the health ministry

negotiations are n place for her to return the money.

Hii Kenya iendelee ivi for 50years straight, our children and grandchildren will definitely pack and get the hell out of Kenya, like our Central-West Africans.