Pros and cons of all in one desktop computers.’m about to buy a brand new desktop for my home. Old fashioned desktop computers had monitor, CPU and keyboard and mouse. I have seen the newer model desktops from Dell and HP. They have the monitor and the CPU attached together.
Have you used those All In One desktop computers? What’s your experience

All-in-one PCs don’t have the expandability that you’re going to find in most tower PCs, but towers lack the sleekness factor.

They are quite exciting to work with!

if the internals are right, otherwise kama ni pentium with 4GB ram wachana nayo. A guy at my office had one and it was so slow hata his surface Tablet performed way far better than it

They have limited space. But you can request for customization. Currently I only know doing customization in Town.

True dat.


Buying a computer really depends with the purpose to which you intend to use…kama ni personal use then yyte iko sawa… but kama ni biashara then you have to consider so many factors

I saw one very attractive all-in-one pc at a friends and I was impressed. Looked very nice and space efficient
Doesn’t look that up-gradable though. You will have to buy one with futuristic features.

Nunua kitu unaweza ficha mkate hapo ndani.

Bro, jamaa amesema all-in-one comp hakusema refrigerator.

The latest ones hav an onboard processor.not durable at all

really , Chief most laptops have soldered processor and they work bila issues. The only chip i know that had issues was Nvidia graphics on some pavillion laptops some years back.

What’s a CPU?

He means system unit, most of the people refer it as CPU which is wrong but hey wata kwambia …

Hii kitu ndio walituambia ni CPU.

nani hao kadanganya nyinyi…a cpu is a microchip a.k.a the processor na ni size ya mem card kama mbili ukialign pamoja… hii ni casing tu or system unit ikiwa combined na all internal parts…


True Story.

Mimi nilisoma computer early 2000s inakaa niko nyuma kiasi:D