Proposal gone wrong.

Panda mbegu ndio aambiwe arudi kwenye alilala. Always works out

my deer in my hey days kuna dawa nilitumia and it countered the pill na dem alipata ball so contraceptives hata hizo coil kuna counter zao ask the docs .

Is she your Mama Clichy or another one? nitauliza kwa FP clinic.

:D:D:D:D sikuambiiiiiiii

:D:D:D:D:D kataa nilijaza. All I can tell you is I am not getting PG if I am not ready!..mine planned for end of next year.

She made the right decision. Imagine being kicked out after a minor tiff after you’re married.


Most medicine za thyroids huongeza fertility ata kama uko on FP especially if your on pills.

Leta hekaya

cheza chini

Oneitis inauwa.


“Shed tears, I have!”

Bam! Finally i gat it!

Hakuna usiku sacco leo?

Kuna bothering issues like boychild under attack . It’s more pressing :slight_smile:

Unadunga ball aje? Unasound ni kaa hiyo decision ni yako pekee. Kama ako on birth control utafanya? Na job yake itaendaje? Unless you’re marrying someone whose career si stressful vile. Getting pregnant is a huuuge decision my goodness!

So many bitter single mothers fell for that BS! If he loves you, he will follow the right protocol. Proposal is a must, a man must utter those words,
‘Will you marry me’ from his mouth. Sio dame ku-assume ati she’s a wife bila commitment. Trust me I have lived long enough to see bright, promising ladies get shortchanged in life. Jamaa anaruka ball after PNC. Second, sex before marriage is a privilege not a right. Protocol in our culture dictates paying dowry and a wedding ceremony.
Lakini some men like shortcuts, they don’t want to sweat for a wife. Ati kudunga ball…nonsense!

I think proposing in public is blackmail, ju hataki aibu atasema yes. Go propose to her when u are broke, are down, na mko solo

sex, before or after marriage is a mutual need. both need it for good health, it’s not a bargaining chip to acquire favors or a reward for “good behavior”.