proportional representation is the elephant in the room.

seems there is no way we will adopt the Parliamentary System of Government without first addressing the issue of representation. Kiambu county has 2.8 million voters, and kakamega has 1.7 million voters, and both have 12 constituencies . while the majority leader in parliament, Hon. Duale as a Member of Parliament represents , the same number of people as the MCA for Kamenu ward in thika.

if this issue is addressed , because their is no way we shall adopt the parliamentary system with the current constituency boundaries, then, GEMA will still carry the day.

na mununuwe ngari, si kila siku maswali ya nani ame kamua hii.

Boarders will be redrawn after the census next year, but before the 2022 elections. This exercise will be fire. Counties will want to have more people so their share of money increases and also they want as many mps as possible to increase their representation. But it will never be fair, 2012 this exercise was done na bado tuna hizi inequalities

i’m eagerly waiting to see how the census will be conducted. i foresee it raising temperatures like an election.

hizi ujinga ndio zitapatia Ruto kiti. And if I may ask if proportionality is addressed won’t the old problem reoccur?

Central will have the most M.P. s and therefore tyranny in Parliament. The minorities will have their number of M.P.s slashed so back to square one again.

And Uhuru thinks people didn’t hear what he said yesterday, very rudely, “Ati kama hawataki wapotelee mbali!”

Is that right? Ulifika sasa unaongea mbaya? Na ameketi nyuma yako ukimwambia hivo…

Hii katiba iko sawa.

the thing is, they will be no parliamentary system, if proportion representation is not addressed, and once addressed, all roads will lead to the GEMA nation. i wonder why then Mt. Kenya politician and other stake holders seems so disinterested in the change of constitution ?

nimetafuta watoto wa shule kwa original post sana.

Long live GEMA nation we are the ones who decide who becomes president

2007 elections tells a different story though:confused:!

In the last census, NFD communities cheated and inflated numbers. Stats show Turkana county has more people than Nyeri. I don’t think that will hold water this time,kila mtu yako radar. Parliamentary systems are more unstable with just a simple majority flipping the PM. That’s why nobody wants it. Looking forward to boundaries review, this time only population is being considered so expect a major rebalancing. Hii kitu itaenda mpaka supreme court.

While I have a bias towards proportional representation, our population spread is ethnic. So the tyranny of numbers will still prevail

@Scott Gardener tusiongee 2007 kibaki won fair and square

I may be a member of GEMA,

nabongo mumia nyinyi ni wale watu huongea and you never vote. Unajifanya unajua mambo ya siasa just because you read mutahi ngunyis blog. Since 1963 we’ve had presidents from two communities and that is not about to change hizi kabila zingine kazi yao ni kutusaidia kuchukua uongozi.

You’re not from the GEMA community. It’s written all over your prints. Your statements are aimed at inciting other communities against the GEMAs. You almost achieved your objective. Unfortunately for You, we saw the sign!

Are you talking about me or Starscream?