Prophet Waititu saw it!

Waititu is underrated in prophecy !
@spear what do you have to say about this?

He was right.

Prophet si angejua akiiba pesa ya serikali yake atafutwa na apelekwe kortini?

He is right but should be in Kamiti for theft.

Woooooote mpaka akina Obado, Waiguru ,Yule wa Samburu, Wairia. Kama wote. Double standards ndio mbaya

Former Auditor General Edward Ouko alisema only Kivutha Kibwana and Ndiritu Muriithi were not found to have stolen county funds. Their county funds were accounted for.

Ata wao waliiba. Trust no politician.

Oh yes. And if they didn’t steal directly they employed their cousins and in-laws in every available position in those counties which is unethical

This is just common sense, by now who doesn’t know how Raira operates? Nyinyi kalejingas ndio mlilazimisha haya mambo with your constant demands and threats. Mbona kina Murkomen, Mandagor Sudi sikuizi hawapayuki kila siku? Raira will be dealt with when the time comes.

Raila is a politician who is allowed to scheme as much as he can to get to power…wenye mnafikiria politics ni Sunday school poleni…na mkubali mmechengwa

Langat, where is our Kiambu loot? have you seen the state of our general hospital?:mad:shetani mshienzi yeye.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I am not saying Waititu is a good or clean person in anyway. I am just saying he predicted politically what Raila was up to when he did the handshake with Uhuru; Raila’s final game plan

Oki…did not listen to the findeo. I regret supporting baba yao so I jumped in head first. Lakini pesa yetu arudishe.
My Dr friend and her hubby relocated to Kenya from Trumpistan. You are required to practice in some hospital before getting a job. Zile vituko aliona hapo Kiambu hospital…wacha tuu…

YT2 surrendered the fight to stay on in Kiambu the moment his wife and daughter was put on the firing line. He even asked he can go to kamiti hii maneno iishe hapo and his family stays out. That is why he went silent and Kiambu has a puppet governor. Out of sight and out of mind. However ngoja sana the new scandals coming. The world bank funds projects got distributed and the performance after eating is causing alarms already. Very soon Kiambu again will be in the headlines.

On RAT kwanza the politics is already going turns and flips before it starts. RAT is demanding nothing short of nusu mkate at the least. For now that ambiguous economic team is just cover for him to get state budget and finances to move around without asking for constant handcheques. The people still approving the payments over 20 million in Treasury and over 100 million in a state house are still all the President men since 2013. Whatever they will do or write in a report will go to them.

Let’s wait for the corona coalition push and pull negotiations to be concluded. The amateurs there expected something immediate under the covers of pandemic period. With RAT demanding nothing short of DP position just like in 2013-2017 with half of cabinet, appointments etc then its more than President Uhuru team expected. Even this second term he has a more firmer control of government. Then RAT expects to be the coalition candidate in 2022, the others can pick the DP and junior PM appointed by him from.the coalition. Basically he is saying President Uhuru has no political base just state powers having lost that to DP Uncle Ruto. To regain both he needs to give him nusu mkate.

As they were digesting that he old fool started his tricks. He arranged that lunch meeting with sudi to scare them. He picked sudi since he was the only hang on from DP Uncle Ruto camp he can get to a meeting. The others will not agree unless they get instructs from above to attend. He told sudi something interesting, its not yet agreed, should they refuse he can go anywhere else. Back to naswa or where they fear the most. Later you heard his parrot suna in Parliament asking President Uhuru to resign in the same day. Expect more chess moves from everyone the next few weeks. We are synchronized here, we are against each other here.

This one only became governor in 2017.

I actually made a mistake because it is supposed to be Kivutha Kibwana and Francis Kimemia that received an unqualified report.

Let the political game continue, but uhuru is a failed president already. This recent acts shows how insecure he is, he is slaughtering any independent minded politician in his camp. This is a good opportunity for opposition but very shortlived for the power is with people and majority will have the final say. Again we are being forced by circumstances for ruto presidency to safeguard our gains in democracy. Just as we were forced to vote for jubilee to guard our independence against ICC. To me this shows Ruto is the next president, the stage is already set. This persucation is meant to cleanse his past making it irrelevant. The biggest loser will be uhuru at the end of the day.

nah,not amongst the Gema people…power cannot be said to be with the people!!!watu wakae watulie Uhuru ataleta list on how wnd who to vote…

mt kenya is a slightly different game, it is not like western. They vote as a block and do not listen to any one leader, Uhuru has been rejected once and kibaki endorsed madvd who was rejected. Expect uhuru candidate to be rejected

The only reason why Raila is making demands is because Uhuru needs him. And Uhuru would not need him if he did not mess up during the first term. Ironically you and other Ruto supporters kept on praising Uhuru. The only people to blamed in this case is you Jubilee people not outsiders