prophet mbhoro and how the white man's religion continues to f**k over africa

nigga even sells holly vaselin

Acha watu wakamuliwe kabisa. Resistance is futile.

Logic according to an atheist :

If @slevyn finds one fake doctor like Mugo of Githurai then that means that the whole medical field is fake and that all doctors are fake. And that the whole practice is full of conmen.

Cc @Soprano.

Let’s forget that atheist “churches” have sprang up all over the place. Wanaokota sadaka, donations… selling merchandise to congregants etc.

Its NOT the white mans religion !!

Its the poor man’s panacea

Do you believe a jew died to save your black ass?

I find it funny how you’re all black conscious and all about standing up for the common man but at the same time you are super Christian. Few institutions in this world are as corrupt as the church, whether its Catholic, Anglican, SDA, Israeli, name it.

Exactly, they are mostly corrupt, but the word of God (bible) is not corrupt. Those dominations are man made mostly for sectarian interests.
Alafu am NOT super christian… Just another christian.

The Jew died to save humanity, Do you exclude your black ass from humanity ?

Poverty and religionalism go hand in hand . If you are a faithful born again Christian im sure your bank account is empty and if you have alot then you aren’t paying 10% tithe dutifully.