prophet awour heals AIDS



The man is an accomplished geneticist. His understanding of diseases and health conditions, is several notches higher, above the regular medical doctors.

So mbona akaanza hizi crusades? I mean there is a way angefanyanga crusades but bado awe doc

The man still practices, though He isn’t a medical doctor.

How come you don’t apply this logic when it comes to Dr. Fauci?

Kweli religion is the opium of the people

What is there to be talked about him that’s positive ?

I’m asking why you don’t trust Dr. Fauci

When the same can be said about him.

FYI, Fauci has been studying AIDS since the 80s and he has more understanding of the disease.

Some negros would still ask themselves why we aren’t competing with Singapore, South Korea and Japan :D. South Korea is the only rich country that is so fanatical with Christianity among the East Asian giants, even so, the state tightly regulates that shit.

Watch The movie 'Dallas Buyer’s club ', the villian in this movie is none other than your good ol Dr. That was in 1985.

Pelekeni ghassia @uwesmake akaombewe. Amemeza ARVs for 20yrs

Do these countries have any beliefs systems ?

Yes they do and that’s why they don’t have to put up with retarded Abrahamic religions

They have their own indigenous religions. They’re not stupid enough to think that some historically questionable Jew is the key to their salvation.

The East Asian nations that persist with Abrahamic religions also happen to be the least stable ones i.e Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, East Timor etc

Why is it so hard to believe he has done it?

A lack of evidence?

Was there evidence when Jesus walked on water?

The beginning of getting cured from aids is not getting tested. I’ve never seen aids being listed as cause of death for someone who was untested and not taking arv