Prophecy on who will be the president (USA)

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Whom did he predict to win? Biden or Trump?

Trump and 2022!Dr. Ruto!

Isn’t he getting it all wrong?

watch the video and listen to him attentively

I could not really tell… help me decipher it… it appears like he had another video that I do not have possession of where he actually mentioned it… this one is implicit but not explicit

He is simply saying that trump will win in the end. The devil is trying his best to interfere with the elections, this might go to the court

Okay. Let us now wait and see how this prophecy unfolds.

Fake prophet

When it fails, he will just claim that the people didn’t pray enough and thus the devil overrode the will of God. Such utterances undermines the belief that God is all powerful as it makes it seem that he needs to be energized by mortals’ prayers to overcome the devil.

A prophecy does not depend on prayers… It was prophesied that Jesus will come and be crucified… it had to happen as was prophesied. If indeed this prophet foresaw Trump winning, it must happen, else it was a false prophecy.

True. But they know how to con their adherents