Prophecy in Revelation concerning USA today


Where is the revelation?
Hii huwa ni mambo yaliyofanyika ama yatakayofanyika?
Pastor Shifo leta maono

Most of the prophecy in Revelation concerns the end times events. We are already in the end times

Wamama wanapenda kanisa na prophecies :smiley: @Jura leta sermon


The end of the world is near—again!!! :D:D.

My favorite verse in Revelations is how it’s revealed to him that there’s only 144,000 people in heaven.
Christians huwa wame birdbox this thing mbaya sana.

:D:D:D, there is another verse where God and Satan are involved in an argument.

Hii verse ilinishangaza sana, who was there to witness and write about it…? Wueh…yunishtua sana hadi naona nikicheka nimefanya dhambi kubwa sana

@Stormtrooper98 call your two retarded theist friends to explain us this. :smiley: kapondi and that Christ the king guy.

I think the 144,000 figure is symbolic. Nonetheless, ni watu wengi watafungiwa mlango siku ya mwisho especially you @Aka mpole hehe.

That’s actually a reference to Vatican City in Rome. Yes, America is Babylon but there are 2 Babylons, Mystery Babylon (Rome) and Babylon (America).

It can only have been revealed to the author through divine revelation. The issue of bias ofcos arises as we are effectively listening to only 1 side of the story. That is easily resolved, however, as God is perfect and thus cannot give an imperfect story.

Personally, I have accepted that if the Abrahamic god exists, then I would go to hell. This has helped me live my life to the fullest without ever thinking that I am “sinning”. That’s why it’s hard to guilt trip the East Asians, the concept of Abrahamic sin in their lives is a strange and a moronic concept at best. And for real, I wont have any regrets about that. But that doesn’t mean I do “bad” things all the time :D. No buana.

It’s so comforting being a Christian.

What you love is direct as it is. What does suit you is symbolic. Great reason it’s the most popular religion in the world. It’s mostly a formless religion you pick what suits you and how you interpret it.

Atheist @Tom Bayeye sisi tukienda heaven wewe utaenda hades

Hades is where satan is,no? Satan doesnt exist so hades doesnt exist either. You die,thats it

Bayeye, kwani wewe ni mrasta

No sir.I dont believe in living people as gods . I do know humans have a purpose on earth though and we just didnt pop out of some mythical mud or dust. Once we die,a new form of the energy we dissipate is in turn formed into something else,like,if you donate your heart,the energy is transferred to the next dying person ,you are dead and gone but your energy is sustaining the next. Its a cycle not a begining and the end bullshït that we were born to believe or suffer in a bbq propagated by a vangeful god:D

What information are you basing your energy theory on? Is this also to mean if you eat a cow it continues to live through you?

Not sure if youre bs’ing me,anyway.
IT (the cow)does not live through you. I believe you know a little about energy and how its transfered (in food)…you know between trophic levels when one organism eats another and gets the energy-rich molecules from its prey’s body and in plants through photosynthesis? …you know this im sure.
The former ceases to exist but the energy stored in them sustains the latter, could be in soil,water,food…
Unanipatia kazi mob. All living things are made up of elements every element has a unique set of energy levels associated with its atoms. Knowing the energy levels identifies the element e.g breathing,metabolism,blood,njoti…
even the sun has energy thats dwindling but it sustains all life in atomic levels…and it powers solar panels.
In short ,energy is not destroyed nor is it created but rather moves on the next and so on ,so i dont see anyone or any celestial being responsible for that