Property Developers

Nina maswali kwenyu. Engineers, architects, Quantity surveyors, contractors, and other insiders in the construction industry are also free to comment.

  1. What are the typical profit margins in property development?

  2. This one goes to real estate agents (sales). How long does it take to sell a typical house e.g. a bungalow or maisonette (on average)?

  1. Property development profit comes down to material vs selling price. The location also matters. You can’t put tiles in the sitting room on a house in Karen likewise you can’t put mahogany floor on a rental in pipeline.
  2. The location of the house also matters. Middle class areas like nyayo estate, south c, Donholm most likely the turnaround selling time can be 1 week to a month. High end areas may take like 3weeks to 6 months

It doesnt matter. Whatever umejiambia thats the correct answer juu ata malaika akishuka na tarumbeta hutakubali jibu lingine

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Even cars don’t sell that fast buana at market prices. Uko sure?

Also, I understand that my questions are very broad. For specificity, let’s say mtu amejenga 3 bedroom bungalows place kama Juja ama Kiserian.

@Contractor can give you a better response. He’s in that field. Personally nime invest in real estate but not commercial.


Only a retard like you would fail to question such a response. Where on earth does property, an illiquid asset class, turn around in less than a month on average?? You must be one of those morons who believe everything they read without thinking critically.

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Property developers in Kenya usually multiply the cost of construction by 10 to set the sale price. But venye uchumi inaenda, they will have to reduce that by half very soon.

Depends… Answer ni quite broad… But in short…

Hapa watu huchomeka… Especially if funds are from a LOAN…

The only beneficiaries are.

  • BANKS.

So… The only models I’ve seen that are successful are…

-build apartments - have to be many… Sell them off… Then charge extremely high service charge… Also make sure you get a cut on all service providers… Like internet… Make sure you’ve built an amenities center hosting shops, a small school… Etc… Sell these as well… And charge goodwill by default…

Otherwise… People who make it big in real estate are those with multiple rental units… LOAN FREE - (very important)…

-the above principle has been applied by Edaman… Where they sell units dirt cheap… But collect an average of ksh. 4000 per unit from their current almost 10,000 units… (inclusive of phase 5)… Making a whooping - ksh. 40,000,000. Per month on service charges - plus internet.

Same principle is applied in nyayo estate… Where they collect on average ksh. 30,000,000 or so from all those houses…

BOTTOM LINE… (avoid a loan if possible…)

Hio sector iko aje, nina some plots nadai nijenge ma keja nikiuza

Ingia hiyo biashara Kama Nia yako ni kusafisha pesa. Otherwise kwa sahi it’s just a cash cow, checks and balances don’t add up. Watu walifaidika na hiyo biashara ni went waliunda manyumba 20yrs ago

Wacha vako kwa hivyo zile flat naona kubwa zaa 100 million zinauzwa zilitengenezwa na 10million

I’m speaking from experience, having built a house myself. Judging by the prices of the same house I see in the market, I concluded that they multiply the total cost of construction by around 10 when setting the sale price.

@anon94046782 you make a lot of sense. They make money not from the unit sale but from the service charge.

Nasema hizi flat ziko na nyumba mingi eg za roysambu , pipeline,githu etc

Flats za Githu ama pipeline zilijengwa prolly 20 or 30 years ago na cost of construction was way cheaper than now.Then factor in those places zimekuwa zikiokota rent. Unapata flat inauzwa 40 million but ikona monthly rental income ya 300k or more, iyo flat ilisharudisha pesa kitambo.But yenye imeundwa last year ama this year ni uchungu kuiuza bei ya kutupa. Maybe foreclosure.

So kujenga saa hii ni tafash