Proper 5.1 sorround system

Reached a point where sound quality is a very very very big concern. JBL, onkyo, bose, harman jardon, marantz… Ziko wapi hii nrb even though prices najua ziko steep.

Tafuta @syndicate akutaftie Bose ama mod wa turedio @Electronics4u.

jaribu pale nimeona io harman jardon…


Jardon ndio gani:D:D

Never knew of this site. Are the genuine? Coz it seems unaweza get some good stuff at low prices

Earlier posts suggest you get a good AV receiver and buy the speakers yourself. I visited a friend with one and it was the best sound ever. But costly.
Bose is among the best and a home theater costs roughly 300-500k.
JBL offer a better value for ur money in my opinion. But u may have to import

you can get cheaper option than bose but same quality if you buy the components differently

Anika. Seems many brothers are looking for the shit.

@Luther12 njoo kiasi

Ama mpitie earlier threads za @Luther12. Mi nkiget mulla ntagift mtu my current home theatre nianze kubuild AVR

A simple search on google will answer your question. Kuna kina Electrohub, Bestbuy ElectronicsKE in FB, and a myriad of sellers on olx.

Type ‘AV Receiver +’ in your browser’s search bar and click ‘enter’ or ‘search’.

Is that stuff real ama ni pyramid-like kind of arrangement?

Onkyo is “cheaper” but very good… as has been said, you can buy the base unit for 40 - 100K and then get the speakers independently… A bud of mine imported a Harman Kardon… system ya nguvu but hata volume haiwezi fika 3/10 - that thing is a monster!! The dude does not use even a quarter of the features in that system… So, before splashing all that cash ask yourself whether you REALLY need it? Really?