Propaganda war

:DThe government seems to be losing the propaganda war on social media about these demoes. The M.Ps and bloggers are coming up with photos and accusing police of looting leaving government on defensive mode. Knowing middle class na keyboard warriors hawako kwa ground, they have been allowed to shape the information narrative.
Mambo imechemka kweli

Nilisema kitambo

The people you follow of course and obviously that is your wish

lete photos buana!

Police have a full backing. Watwange wao mpaka warudi laini.
Even after Assmio post those photos, most comments are telling police to keep up the good work and do more.

Tuoshe mecho na picha ya polisi akipiga mjaluo na fimbo.

Polisi watwange bonobos without repercussions. Terminate with extreme prejudice