Proof GOP Is A Party Of Hypocrites....



Hata between makabila ni ngumu kiasi hapa. Unatuletea isiyotuhusu ndio tufanyie nini?

Fake news as usual.

Siasa ya Merrkaaa hakuna mtu anajali unless ni WW3.

malenge ni mjinga kama @Simiyu22

What is to codify and why is it necessary?

Democrats are in a rush to pass as many fucked up laws as possible before January when GOP takes over leadership of the house.

When they codify a law they usually hide other laws therein.

[SIZE=7]GOP Rep. Who Attended Gey Son’s Wedding Opposes Same-Sex Marriage Bill — Again[/SIZE]

New protections for religious organizations weren’t enough for Rep. Glenn Thompson (R-Pa.) to support the Respect for Marriage Act on Thursday.
Thompson’s “no” vote on an earlier version of the bill caused an uproar in July after it came out that he attended his son’s wedding to another man within days of the vote.
Thompson told HuffPost in September that he would reconsider his position as Senate Republicans made changes to the bill, which would require the House to hold another vote.
But the changes didn’t win him over.
“Individuals have the freedom and the right to choose who to grow old with in life,” Thompson said in a prepared statement.
“However, the bill lacks the appropriate constitutional protections for religious liberty enshrined in the First Amendment.”

The First Amendment says in part that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
Some Republicans claim that having to recognize a same-sex marriage burdens the free exercise of Christianity.
The original Respect for Marriage Act said the federal government would acknowledge any marriage recognized by a state where gay marriage is legal. After it passed the House, Senate Republicans pushed for religious liberty protections, such as stating that churches or nonprofits would not lose tax-exempt status based on their views of marriage. At Republicans’ urging, the amendment version of the bill also says that the federal government won’t recognize polygamous marriages.
Twelve Senate Republicans wound up supporting the bill in a vote last week. Several House Republicans changed their votes, some in favor and some against.

Thompson has never said he opposes gey marriage. In September, he said he didn’t believe the Supreme Court would threaten gay marriage.

Thompson told HuffPost on Thursday that he gave his son a heads-up about the vote because he knew reporters would hound him.
He said he also “shared with him the rationality” for his opposition but declined to say if his son agreed with his position.
“I love my son, my son loves me, and he knows that I’m a principled man,” Thompson said.

Some religious groups ― including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ― have endorsed the bill. But the right-wing Heritage Foundation has claimed it “puts a giant target on the backs of people of faith who rightly believe that marriage is between one man and one woman” and that people who oppose gay marriage will get sued.
Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), who led negotiations with Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) to amend the House bill, arrived on the House side Thursday for an enrollment ceremony following the vote. She seemed surprised that Thompson hadn’t changed his mind.
“He wasn’t convinced by the changes we made?” she said.
But Baldwin, the first openly gay senator, didn’t have anything negative to say about Republicans who maintained their opposition to the bill.
“I think that the important thing is that we listened, we address concerns, we added some requested clarity, and the bill has now passed both chambers,” she told HuffPost.

To codify here just means making it legally acceptable in the constitution nationwide.

to codify is to arrange laws or rules into a systematic code.

an example would be the laws of evidence currently in use in kenya. a large part of the original evidence act [kenya] was imported from india.

the indian evidence act of 1872, in turn, put under “one roof” [or codified] the legal principles of evidence established by english common law.

I don’t know why it would be necessary to codify interracial marriages.

The US has Federal Laws and State Laws. Same-Sex and Interracial Laws were left to states until now.

If you can’t see all political parties as exactly the same thing after the same interests @Mangele you are lost.

Politicians don’t live as they preach.

Liberal politicians live very Conservative lives. Conservative politicians attend very Liberal parties.

You only have half the truth. When you realize the Dems are exactly the same…

And my UDA us exactly the same
And @rexxsimba ODM is exactly the same

Then you will understand politics

Weeeeeeee … !!

I do not align myself with any political party …

Current Kenyan Politicians are essentially the same , only differing by degree …

  • So-so
  • Mediocre
  • Bad
  • Totaly useless and toxic

The Wheelbarrow Bottom-Up Kenya Kwisha jokers currently in office are the last kind above … :mad::mad:

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Yes. I totally agree with you. Political parties are just different flavours of the same establishment.

Right now to me, the only clear ideological dichotomy I can point out now is according to the map below. This is the true blue and the true red.



This is like saying Kikuyus need help to climb the corporate ladder in Kenya due to discrimination against them… :D:D:D

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Steele filled in for Joy Reid on Thursday night’s edition of MSNBC’s [I]The ReidOut[/I], during which he introduced The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper by playing clips of Trump supporters being interviewed by Klepper outside a pair of rallies in New Hampshire and South Carolina on Saturday.
One pair of stunning exchanges featured supporters who believe Trump is still the president:

[INDENT]TRUMP FAN 1: Donald Trump is president right now.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]JORDAN KLEPPER: He’s currently the president.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]TRUMP FAN 2: He is still president. There’s a lot of things that this Biden person does not have, like the presidential seal and things like that that are pretty obvious.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]JORDAN KLEPPER: Biden doesn’t have the presidential seal. When he speaks, there’s a presidential seal in front of him.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]TRUMP FAN 2: It’s not real.[/INDENT]
A stunned Steele laughed at first but quickly told Klepper “you got to take it seriously,” and asked “how widely shared is that believed that Trump is the current president of the United States?”
Klepper responded by noting that the events were billed s “intimate events,” and the participants “generally were part of the GOP world in some manner or fashion. So the folks that came here weren’t just people were wandering by with some odd conspiracy theory. They’re diehard Trump folks. They’re in the game and they had some wild ideas.”
Wild ideas like this:

[INDENT]JORDAN KLEPPER: What is he doing as president?[/INDENT]
[INDENT]TRUMP FAN 1: He is in charge of the military. Great. The military is in charge of this whole thing.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]TRUMP FAN 2: The military were put in charge in 2018 when President Trump signed an executive order.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]JORDAN KLEPPER: The American military arms that are going to Ukraine. We have Donald trump to thank for that?[/INDENT]
[INDENT]TRUMP FAN 2: That’s two militarys.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]JORDAN KLEPPER: There’s two. There’s two militarys.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]TRUMP FAN 2: There’s a good and a bad.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]JORDAN KLEPPER: So there’s two militaries. Donald Trump’s in charge of the good one.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]JORDAN KLEPPER: Biden’s in charge of the bad military?[/INDENT]
[INDENT]TRUMP FAN 2: That’s exactly right.[/INDENT]
Steele wrapped up by asking Klepper “Have their views evolved at all? Are they still using the same talking points?”
Klepper told Steele “No, there’s there’s no evolution of ideas. There’s devolution of ideas. And that’s that’s where the scariness arises.”

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[SIZE=7]Marjorie Taylor Greene faces backlash for saying her salary is ‘too low’[/SIZE]
Story by Maya Yang

The far-right US congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is facing backlash after complaining that her elected position’s salary is “too low”.
Photograph: Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images© Provided by The Guardian

Earlier this week, the Republican representative from Georgia appeared on journalist Glenn Greenwald’s podcast and expressed concern about her congressional salary, which according to public records is $174,000 annually.

Greene told Greenwald: “Becoming a member of Congress has made my life miserable. I made a lot more money before I got here. I’ve lost money since I’ve gotten here.

“It’s not a life that I think is like something that I enjoy because I don’t enjoy it,” added Greene, who had previously owned a CrossFit affiliate gym in Georgia before being elected to Congress in 2020.

Additionally, Greene complained about the amount of time her congressional work consumes, saying: “The nature of this job, it keeps members of Congress and senators in Washington so much of the time, too much of the time … that we don’t get to go home and spend more time with our families, our friends … or maybe just be regular people because this job is so demanding. It’s turned into practically year-round.”

She continued: “For those of us in the House of Representatives, we have to run for Congress every two years. So you’re practically campaigning nearly the entire time that you’re here serving as a representative.”

Greene’s comments have faced swift backlash online.

“Feel free to step aside if it isn’t too cushy of a job for you @RepMTG. Millions of us won’t mind. #stopwhining,” one Twitter user wrote, tweeting at her account.

Someone else tweeted: “Griping Greene you don’t get to serve the Constitution and its people expecting to profit. Get a part time job or better yet, just quit.”

Another user added: “Really? Being in Congress isn’t supposed to be about money. And I guarantee you make more per year than most of your constituents. If you don’t like the life and job, stop running for office.”

Greene – who has previously voiced support for the far-right conspiracy group QAnon and made racist, antisemitic and anti-Muslim remarks – also told Greenwald that people have harassed her since working on Capitol Hill.

The congresswoman said: “I have people come up to me and say crazy things to me out of the blue in public places that they believe because they read it on the internet or saw it on some news show about me.”