Prominent village cartels

  1. Mgtow
  2. Fags
  3. Plantation slaves
    4 . Lanye gang
  4. Angry poor wannabes
    6 . Cool wealthy guys

Peer pressure , that influence by peers / multitude on your behavior and believes .

There is a tendency by the rotten villages to influence talkers to their weird foreign cultures of busting male buttcheeks .
How is the fag cartel trying to change innocent straight villagers ?
By calling them homosexuals!
Repetition is the key , these dogs are each day reminding you that you area fag.
Prominent village fags are;
@cheekbusta - a stupid low IQ maggot who should have been aborted for a healthy earth.
@kanguthu ; recently he shitted at a silly talkers house where they had went to 'continue a drinking spree.
@Thirimaii ; kanguthus omuhusband who is a proud faggot .
@Weyn ; has many aliases and is always begging men for some cash .
@Obaba ; the most stupid stalker who stalks men like his life depends on it .

We will not be influenced by wayward ways of the above ghaseeers and I appeal to all ktalk agencies to hunt down and hang these dogs . @PHARMACY will donate the ropes .

Mkia givers and towing officers worldwide .; We aren’t sure what they do nor what they own .they don’t force others to join their cult.

The most coolest dudes we have in this village , they do their business and entertain us with evidence .
The most prominent in this group is @cortedivoire , @digi @Mpenda .

@Mtunguyaaz ; I have never seen such a angry youth .I want to offer him a job opportunity to reduce that kisirani .
@Obaba ; this ghaseer is Both a fag and angry poor ghaseeer .

Kina @ChifuMbitika , @uwesmake @mikel mugich @Wanaruona

Mkamba jus sharraaaapp

Faggot you are nothing, umeona mahali umetajwa?

This Akon wacko Jacko @Akon City II is also a fag. Call him out.


How did the god of fagggets @Akon City II not make the list?

There are filthy pigs whom you avoid under all circumstances

happo sawa chief mulika homosexuals wote kwanza bottom homos @Baby Panay @Douchebag