Proliferation of beggars and petty thieves

Been around the rural areas this particular festive season and I have seen a rise in these vices. What is eating the other? Are things becoming worse than before? Are we edging to a precipice?

Ya Nairobi is on another level, they have those footbridges that they operate from and even have rotation schedule’s… kuna mafia zina control hio area. Ask yourself how come Kenha failed to remove all those Kambas selling bags and Jackets under footbridges. Mafia tingz.

There is s a group of well off Kenyans lying to the govt that everything is fine so the govt sees no need of working towards affordable life to common wananchi. The real facts on the ground are telling a different story. The level of poverty and joblessness is so rampant outside here and this leaves even the few employed to be drained of their earnings trying to help others. The level of depression outside here is too much and one day the govt will realize this when it is too late.
These days money literally melts. A household of three, the mum, dad and a young child spends atleast 250 in a day just to survive and this leaves no room to save for rent or any emergency.

Atleast lanye are not beggars

You are right… But nobody is lying to the Government… The leaders are busy stealing and do not give a damn about anybody else…

Wewe ni lanye?


250 kwani wanakula chumvi na ugali daily? Mimi peasant wa 9k salo hutumia 300 zile siku nimekula the most basic food, bila ata kuweka transport. Family ya mtu tatu ita-survive aje na 250?

Unga ya kisyagi grade 3, na omena will push the week… omena is actually a very good protein substitute, Okuyu siku hizi wanakula kushinda hata Njaruos.

Omena unahesabia kila mtu pieces tatu kama ile nyama ya high school

Unga kilo moja ni 50/=, mboga ya skuma wiki 20/= Mafuta ya salad ya 30/= (Total 100/= for supper) Maziwa ya 30/=, Skari ya 40/=, Bread 50/= (Total 120/=) 30/= airtime (Total 250/=)

Anyway assume uko na makaa

:smiley: infact uki-step out of the house 1k inaisha.

1K hata si kitu. Especially if you are a partaker of alcohol or you love eating out and shopping.

Goddamn … pple uko nje ain’t living life no more … just surviving. It’s truly sad.

Too bad

jaluo hiii ni nini ?

What do you think. I Luo kiosk man always refers to Sukari as Skari. Ata ukimrekebisha. yeye atasema to " Unataka skari kilo ngapi?

mimi mtu nilizaliwa Beverly Hills , California sikuwa naelewa hiii lugha yenyu

Salad nusu ya kwota ni 35, you cook once with it and kesho unarudi dukani. Makaa ya 35 inapika two meals. Gas ikiisha uko na shida coz hujui utattoa 1350 wapi ya kuijaza

That’s atleast, when you have gas and maybe extra nyanya na kitunguu. Some people have to buy water, so that’s 300, some have to buy makaa that 350, some hiyo day kuna tuvitu vimeisha kama sabuni, add kama 150 hapo juu.