Project Veritas...How Voter Fraud is perpetuated in the 'Greatest Democracy'

I know all manner of counter allegations from ktalk blubbermouths will be forthcoming but I will just lay it bare. Inform yourself and be illuminated. Kenya is CNN country and whatever propaganda they feed the masses is taken as gospel truth here. For those eager to know why Trump is claiming voter fraud is being perpetuated in this election then look no further. These two videos (investigative journalism at its best) will debunk any myths that Hillary is clean.

On of the guys involved in this scam (Robert Creamer) has made over 20 visits to the white house under Barack. You can make any conclusion you want but there is a major scam being cooked up by these people.

so the other side is the innocent doves who have put their as in the air to get fked?

Next you will be telling us about UFOs and the Antichrist ?

If this is the kind of reasoning you put out when given an informative piece then I say no more. Your daftness precedes you. And FYI, this wasn’t a Relationships and Sex (Gay Section) Post. So sorry. Wrong lane

Unlike the Mainstream media, I will not tell you anything. Its a free world. Choose what you want to choose. I’ve chosen to bring this into light. Take it or leave it. Live and let live.

hapana shika nareeee…let’s debate. who between hilary and trump is more likely to hatch nefarious schemes and blame the other side for the same sins?



I just had to

Who gives a fuck? Your attitude sticks you behaving like that stone age guy who discovered how to make fire.

Haha! Another Village Elder thinking that their two cents is law. You are entitled to your opinion, and unfortunately your opinion of me is non of my business. I just have a low threshold for bullshit. And who gives a fuck? You do. You opened my thread and took the time to reply (though you’ve just spewed brain farts). NEXT!

sucker punch…

you people play too much.

Yeah, even CIA, FBI, Home land, Secret service, Supreme court, Democrats, Republicans are all involved in the rigging. Let them deal with their shit, if they choose to cause chaos, waendelee… TRUMP WIR NEFFA BE PLISINDENT…

True. Lets see how the supposed greatest democracy will handle their electoral mess.

there will be no mess, i assure you…

There is a mess already. Well documented. Here’s just a tip of the proverbial iceberg. [ATTACH=full]63302[/ATTACH]

Obama knew what he was talking about in 2008. But now he is too scared to repeat what he said. Watch!

my my my…are you a handyman for the Republican National Committee by any chance? this kind of propaganda is meant for hillbillies and the remnants of the KKK…

If it was a lesser country, the USA would have gone up in flames in 2001.Al Gore had clearly defeated Bush, but some shenanigans in Florida where predictably his brother Jeb was the Governor handed the younger Bush a win.
If that scenario had happened in Kenya, this country as we know it would have ceased to exist.

So Obama is a hillbilly and a remnant of the KKK for calling out Hillary on her BS. Or because Trump is pointing it out now it becomes such. They used to say if you want to hide something from a black man hide it in a book. Now the internet is at your fingertips and you still want to argue from your butt cheeks. Negro Pliz! Illuminate yourself! Fact check. Call out any BS u notice using facts. or just join the klist blubbering brigade.

And that is info in public domain, even the white house visits.

:eek::DAnd they say its Trumps supporters who are daft.