Project Finance at low interest rates

I have listened to Pastor Julian Kyula’s message where it appears like he got some external financing for his housing project at low interest rates. I have also been told by a friend that he could get low interest financing for some manufacturing concern but he could not disclose the exact source in Germany. Both the financing were from abroad. Any leads that I can research and see how one can make use of them in the future?

From this video:

Don’t believe everything you are told. And don’t make conclusions out of implied statements. There is nothing like low interest financing for manufacturing. Usually financing for manufacturing is in the form of equity partnerships simply because of the risk involved. And it’s higher risk in a 3rd world country. That means the interest rates would be ridiculous, probably north of 25% at a minimum and the loans would have to secured.

Do you have leads we can follow or you don’t?

German leads? No I don’t.

Julian Kyula simuonagi vizuri,

Low interest rates=drugs. Ask hoho.


Soooooo, we shouldn’t believe you either. Only fair, yes? No?

Fair. Make your own conclusions. Be wise though. Tell tale signs of a lie is when they tell you something good is coming from far.

Kwa nini? Dude is the only legit self made billionaire we have around…so far…

usiwahi amini pastor yyote. sio kwa ubaya. nowadays yeye ni rafiki wa billionaire mwenzake Wilfred Lai wa Mombasa

Hahaha wacha wivu na chuki baba… hio ni shida kweli? In this country there are very few men of integrity and substance kwa hivyo ukipata marafiki wa maana ni ngumu…even good men have wicked associates by default… waiting for substantial evidence regaidring your views on Kyula

Kyula is not rich than Wilfred Lai. Why should you trust a billionaire mwenye unaona kila Sunday akicollect sadaka, akipreach about market sijui what but hakuna product yake yyote inauzwa kwa soko? hayuko kwa ile group ya large taxpayers, sio member wa KAM…ni sadaka tu.

io ndo sababu the man who resolves what to do and does what he resolves mwizi wa sugoi (our next president) hutumia ao mapastor kusafisha hela zake sababu mnawaamini sana.

Hahaha wewe @sani unajiaibisha kwa baraza la wazeee…are you confusing Kiuna with Kyula? Kyula is the former CEO of MoDE…basically kopa credo ya airtel with ops in over 20 countries…
2013 net worth estimate at 115m USD. Hio ni 11B, then…just go listen to that interview or read more on him. Naona umewachanganya.

watu worth 11 billion wanajulikana, tafuta mtu anafanya kra atakwambia ile ushuru io mode inalipa then utajijazia

Buda, it’s actually the opposite. Hawajulikani.Wachana na hawa billionaire fake wa siasa na kujitangaza wenye unajua Ruto and the ilk…many Bs around are silent. Huyu mninja ata sithani operations zake sio local. Msee ako on his own lane mahali mbali sana. Lakini naona you’re fixed on your views kwa ivo wewe kwamia hapo.