Project Delay

Majamaa, how do you deal with project delays ile wakati it’s not your fault mtu hatimizi time line zake… Niko hapa natoa stress


Warning: Image above might make the village septuagenarian drool endlessly :D:D:D

Very punitive clauses in the contract.
Iko moja hapa delay damages ni 100k per day.
Watu wanatuma requests for information saa nane usiku.

You contract mercenaries who contractually provide deadlines, don’t ask

Don’t tell

Heh…ni lawyer mgani alichora io contract, na contractor akaitikia…need their contacts

I dont think in this kenya now there is a project that finishes on time…tumezoea

Hii ni kidogo. I have some for 250k a day.

Hire a professional to handle the project. There are ways to mitigate delays and assign liability

What kind of projects are these where someone agrees to such punitive measures? What of clauses that would cause a project to be delayed say by Force Majeure?

Liquidated damages are factored in by loss of income or contract sum. So if you have a 5B contract to be completed within 30 months, you’ll get such

Unavuta bhangi mchana?

Ni mastress mujamaa