Profitable Betting

Even if they do devise a way of making money, which they can’t, betting companies have risk management divisions fully dedicated to weeding out and banning profitable gamblers.

Ndio ushinde 146570 ulikuwa umewekelea games ngapi

Very true. We have been developing an in-house algorithm that runs our model and its been pretty profitable for the two months we have been testing it.

It’s a python script with API integration from a paid sports data provider and runs the models automatically generating slips and sending sending them to email.

Next step will be to back test it because what we have sounds too good tuone kama Kuna inconsistencies or celebration ni immature.

What people don’t understand is that profitable betting models exist just that the owners use them to nukisha onions and not sell tips.

Example za Kesho

True but you are talking about the kawaida bookies the sportpesas, the bet365s; basically European bookies.

Serious gamblers use Asian sportsbooks which have unlimited liquidity and higher limits.

Yes bro inawezekana through live betting…that’s what I use alafu pia tafuta bookmaker iko na markets mingi kama 22bet/1xbet/pari match/melbet hapo unaeza make lots of money juu mm I don’t only bet the typical win or goals naekeleanga corners/yellow cards/goal kicks/throw/offsides ins/shot on targets and so on and that is how I have been able to make my millions

Finally, somebody who gets it. The Asian betting market is not as regulated as the European or American. That’s where the match fixing syndicates thrive you get guys staking in million of dollars.

Guys accounts are being limited especially UK/Europe coz they are winning(don’t think they would limit accounts of all were losing). Betting firms have algorithms that weed out guys who mean business, they only need fools who have no betting strategy ni kuwekelea pesa tu. And please take your mind international, your thinking is too local(kienyeji) … guys like Tony Bloom and others are making millions of pounds annually from betting na wewe all you thinking is Karauri.

The guy asking questions is a local. He neither has the resources nor the expertise to play like pros. It is therefore you that has a problem contextualizing. Kuambia mtu wa jaba about international betting syndicates, algorithms, and other SERIOUS resources ni kupigia mbuzi guitar.

Wacha hata yeye. YOU are not among the profitable gamblers and would never dream of reaching that level despite the name-dropping because you don’t have the skills or the resources to make money from gambling. How much money did you make last year from gambling - ZERO. If you gambled at all, you probably lost money.

Only 0.5% of gamblers remain profitable in the long run and are considered professionals. I can guarantee you that that tiny fraction is mostly in Asia, Europe, an the USA where they have enough information and resources to give them an edge that is bigger than the house’s edge.

So, telling the average gambler in Kenya about these fantasy stories of successful gamblers is borderline stupid because his chances of ever making money are almost zero.

Wewe umesema betting you can’t make money, sio? Now you shifting posts ati sasab yeye ni local average guy. Acha zako wewe, betting is global na kama he can have strategies why not… bottom line: you said you can’t make money and now you quoting 0.5% success rate, kuwa na msimamo uache kutapatapa…House always wins chorus peleka huko…chieth!

What to I need to open a betting firm?

Leteni strategy banae

Ebu niulize swali ya kiujinga . What are your tail risk hedging strategies? Nipe clues ama references

Yes. You and other locals cant. Because you don’t have any edge in that market. Telling a local to bet is downright stupid.

A success rate of 0.5% is considered statistically insignificant. You are obviously a bonobo who has nil knowledge in math, statistics, and anything to do with logic.

Making money from 1000 fools like you would be like taking candy from a baby. I can’t believe bookies deal with such characters. Mimi ni pesa tu sina na mtu wa kunishika mkono, I would open a casino in a heartbeat.

Banned by bookies

In 2019 shabiki banned me from making own bets option after hitting 10 out of 12 games twice. They only allowed me to use auto bet option. Nikawachana nao. Betting on the less chattered markets paid my rent for a long time.

Hii maneno ya arbitrage betting ni kama affiliate marketing ya hizo sites

Isn’t a computer algorithm as good as the person who wrote it. And the person who wrote it, has never beaten the house. So how will the program beat the house?

You appear smart but quite ignorant,ever heard of Ad hominem… I don’t want to assume you know… it’s one of many errors in reasoning…

What strategy were you using in the less chartered markets