Profitable Betting

Is it possible to make some bucks through soccer betting (betting on a few top leagues, say three per analyzed bet)

No it isn’t. Enda mjengo kama wale wanaume wengine.



Con artist mambo vipi

Yeah i used to depend on betting untill i won 146570 nkanunua boxer bm 150 na nkaquit


Which technique did you employ to get that cash

Betting haina technique ni luck yako i realized during betting dont follow ideas za watu wengine unless ni jackpot lakini multi bet wekelea game zako na pesa mzuri i used to bet kuanzia 150 and above i was guaranteed nikikula nakula kitu nono



Maybe matched betting. Although sijawai jaribu. Uliza @Azor Ahai

You can always win… Siri inakuaga kuongea stake na kupunguza odds… Ukizoea kuwekelea game 20 na 50bob hutawai win lakini ukiweka game moja na like 2k au mbili na 1500, you can win good… Ukipata wins poa unawekelea ata ka20k kwa team moja pekee safe

If you must bet, bet against your friend, not against the house. Wekelea thao kila mtu, mwenye atashinda apate 2k. That sort of thing. Sio kugamble against bookie mwenye ameset odds zake.

Venye Addi Teacher amesema reduce the odds and increase the stake. Game ikipita tatu ka bet moja chances ziko high sana it will lose, also look for the highest odds usistake game za odds za 1.21 or anything less than 1.50 hio ni kutupa pesa. Always choose your own bet usitegeme analysis za watu, have knowledge of the sport. Finally tafuta my previous comments about sports betting.
Example :

Notice my selections hakuna odds zenye iko less than 1.50, ungepea mtu hii bet nobody could believe itashinda but i trusted myself juu i have the knowledge about English Leagues.

It doesn’t matter which strategy you use. In the long run you will lose money to the bookie/house. The house sets the odds and in those odds it includes an edge of over 5%. Can you outperform the guy who set the test in that test?? Maybe once. But the more tests you take, the more certain you are of losing to that guy. I have come to the conclusion that most people have zero understanding of how gambling works from a mathematical standpoint. Sports betting appeals mostly to illiterate and poor people whose goal is to earn money from it. The rich people who gamble do it for entertainment not to make money because they know it is not a way of making money.

Stop this boring yidi yada about the house always wins. It’s been there since days of yore. Hapa tunaongelea kuhusu successful betting strategies.
In the betting world, 90% lose and 10% win…what many guys usually ask is how to be in the 10% group. Google and see how big punters stake by treating betting like an investment fund. They are all over Europe, Asia and America.
Punters with companies employing Mathematics and Statistics graduates to come up with winning stakes & strategies.
Betting is big business not only to the betting companies but also to the Punters taking it seriously.

Yeah. Ni ngumu sana kuconvince some kichwa ngumu looking for a shortcut to riches that his only hope (betting) does not work. Continue burying your big head in the sand. Karauri needs a new bentley and you fools will pay for it.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. - Mark Twain


:D:D:Dnoobs like you and 99% of gamblers will never make money because you don’t have the resources to come up with systems that are better than what the bookies have.

Wakubet wabet , holier than thou waende church.