There’s a chile trying to profile me njo aone kama atanipea Kuma,nilimwambia tukutane sato hiyo siku haku reply
Akaingia missing sato mzima na akanitext hiyo sato jioni akasema alikua ametravel and that maybe we can meet the next Saturday…wadau mtu kama huyu mwenye anakupea mixed signals unakua mpole you tolerate her akupee Kuma na uende missing ama you block her and move to the next target

Block and delete

Don’t even block her. Just ignore and move to the next one

Beta male problems.

just delete the chat thread and number and move on
no need to reply

Never waste your time, ignore her completely, infact block her.


just move on to the next target.

Elewa watu. Akikosa client wa next Saturday atakupea, kuwa mpole.

Just ignore, but don’t block. Atajileta tu one day, na hio siku Kula kabisa, njoti 3+, then afterwards you can block her if sio mtanu.

Dating is a numbers game. Line them up such that at any given point in time, you have an emergency landing site. At no point will you have a problem with being stood up by a bitch. Instead you will be struggling kukumbuka nani uliambia utaenda kumuona Saturday.

What a swinish way to live. After listening to these internet gurus nilijaribu hiyo upuss na ilikua machoss tupu. Hiyo switching women around ni recipe for disaster Tu, sio chaos mara drama mara msoto. If a few minutes of pleasure is what you want it’s not worth the trouble heri uende for a walk

the fact that you’ve posted this here means you’re too invested in this chic. Don’t show you’re hurt. Simply text her, “OK. goodluck.”

And then don’t reinitiate the chat. Again, DON’T re-initiate the chat. It’s upto her now. If she’s interested she’ll reach out. If she doesn’t reach out it’s over.

Last sato miguu zake ziliua 180 degrees apart na mubaba katikati wewe na peasantry yako inaweza ngoja akikosa form

Very true

Wewe msoto ndio inakusumbua. Of course there is no way you can keep a harem bila 10 bob. Kitu ingine kama wewe ni msee wa feelings utachoka kufuatana na madem. Use them as tools only.

Mshow uko na 150 na unadai mkia

Kijiji walinichanua … If you make a date and she doesnt show up, dont catch feelings …just ignore and move on,

An adult who does that is never serious. If you insist,utakulwa

Move on.
Nina matches kadha Badoo. Nimeconfirm I’ll meet 7 girls but exact date and time bado for 6 of them. But, I confirmed with one of the girls that tunameet hii Saturday. Akasema sawa akatuma number.
Nilitext Whatsapp asubuhi aget number yangu. Baadaye nikaona naeza chelewa so called her 30 minutes before meetup time. Hakupick.Nikaona ata sitajisumbua kufika venue. After 15 minutes past meeting time and no feedback. Unmatch and delete number. Baadaye alitext “aki I swear I overslept”. Just delete chat and move on. Uzuri ya kuwa na dates nyingi hivyo haikai loss, unaboeka tu time wasted