Proffesor Hamo fires back.


Who are these people

This advise is well suited also to your ‘cousin’.


"In my book. On how to vanish into boni forest …’



Prof Hamo is a low quality man mtu hana value kwa society, a clown kwa radio asubuhi, ni nini mnashinda mkiongelelea yeye? Relationships za mafala na udaku zao wachaneni nazo.

Hii mauchungu yote ni ju ali dump msichana wenu?

These things never end well sasa amepata reply


After kuweka mileage kubwa na kumzalisha watoto wawili!

The drama doesn’t end soon!

Somebody has said they’re loose

It’s tough enough handling one woman. Why go and get a second wife and get children you can’t take care of.

Mauchungu aje? Wewe huoni huyu mwanaume na mwanamke hawana akili? mtu anasolve mambo ya ndoa kwa social media siwezi jiassociate na yeye. Mtu yyote ameandikwa kwa radio kama clown siwezi associate na yeye. Mwanaume halei watoto wake ni fala. Mwanamke hajui kuweka siri za ndoa ni fala.

Op is a known shemale harlot who loves gossip

This is now out of hand. Two things will happen to this Professor Hamo dude:

  1. Since he has been accused of being violent drunk and deadbeat, all those brands associated with him will cut him loose.

  2. Hot 96 will ask him to go and solve his issues fisrt. Huko hatarudi because you remember what happened to shaffie.

After that it’s a downward spiral for him…

With all the social media bullsh*t , celebrities have became so desperate to remain in the lime light ,at the end it might just be clout chasing


laikini what i can conclude is uyo hamo nikama anapenda wamama wanamweka…he even confess that uyo 1st wife hutuma doo ya uyo mkale anapata advert ya saf alafu pesa yote anatumia kurelocate jangili to a posh neighbour hood…