Professor Fred Ogola Says He's Underpaid....Tell Him Something...

[SIZE=7]Fred Ogola: Professor With 24 Academic Certificates Who Complained of Earning Ksh 100K Salary[/SIZE]
[li]By KIOKO NYAMASYO on 7 March 2023 - 1:14 pm[/li]
Governance and political expert Professor Fred Ogola
Professor Fred Ogola caused a stir on Monday, March 6, when he revealed that he was one of the most learned Kenyans.

The governance and political expert revealed that he had 24 academic certificates from various universities and institutions across the world.

Ogola complained that despite all his academic qualifications, he was not earning a six-figure salary.

“If I belonged to a different community, would I be a lecturer earning below Ksh100,000 as a salary?” he complained.
Professor Fred Ogola during a signature collection exercise at Bomas Kenya on November 28, 2022. spoke to Ogola on his enviable academic journey that saw him accumulate dozens of certificates.

“I have one Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD), two Master’s Degrees, 5 Undergraduate Degrees and 16 other certifications,” he told

“And it is not only about the certificates, I have earned them from some of the best institutions in the world,” he added.

Ogola holds PhD in Management Science and Innovation with a focus on Strategy and Execution from ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.

He also holds a Master’s in Management Science and Innovation from the same university and another Master’s in Strategic Management from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

His undergraduate degrees include; a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Social Sciences- Psychology and Economics from Uganda Martyrs University, a BA in Philosophy from Pontificia Università Urbaniana, Rome Italy, a BA in Theology- Tangaza College University, a BA in Urban Planning and City Policy from Uganda Martyrs University.

The professor boasts 16 certifications in Strategy and Corporate Governance from IFC- World Bank as a Trainer of Trainers

He is the Chief Executive Officer of the African Health and Economic Institute, Director of the Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness, and Senior Lecturer of Strategy and Decision Making at Strathmore University.

Apart from working at Strathmore University, Ogola is a part-time professor at IESE Business School and holds a visiting professor Position at the University of St. Gallen.

Being one of the most learned Kenyans, Ogola is the director of more than five organisations.

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (2022), only 3.5 per cent of Kenyans have university degrees making Ogola one of most learned Kenyans with 8 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Governance and political expert Professor Fred Ogola

The country has less than 10,000 PhD holders in a population of 53 million people. According to Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) report, an average of 350 PhD holders graduate annually.

Kenya has also the highest unemployment rate in East Africa according to World Bank Report (2022). The unemployment rate which is at 7.5 per cent was pegged to a decade of infrastructure-fuelled economic growth and faster adoption of technology.

While Ogola falls into the basket of Kenyans who have not got employment opportunities matching his academic prowess, some notable organizations he heads include; Halisi Family Hospital, Wanafunzi Unit Trust Fund and Trailblazer Business Strategies.

mimi na degree yangu moja ya APPLIED MATHEMATICS imeshinda hizo takataka zake zote za S.E.E na Homescience

It seems he was trying everything, junk of all trades. Does he work for free in those positions that he holds? The sad part is that while he was going from one course and university to another, his agemates were progressing in their jobs or biashara. Unless a person above 30 years is on study leave from his place of work or he or she has been granted a fellowship where he is earning while studying, earning extra certificates will never improve earnings. If you fail to land a teaching job, chances are you might never get employment. If you want a career outside academia, take a break after masters and find a job. Return on higher education is inadequate world over

kuna mtu alimwambia akasome. Akisoma alikuwa ameandikania na nani atampee kazi. All that money he wasted on papers could have been used to optimize his life. Sasa analilia nani?

He’s just lacking a connection. This guy with one call would be a PS, or head a parastatal . He’s from the wrong tribe.

Ogola is not a poor man…he earns way more than what he’s stating…like all lecturers, he will never publicly admit his true worth or earnings

Go overseas, being from Nyanza now is a career suicide in Kenya.
Nyanza is ethnically profiled now in Kenya

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Now this man. He is supposed to be an employer, not looking to be employed.

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Yeah. What was his objectives with amassing these certificates? Too much of something is not good…

He would rather have focused after the first two on his professional growth and socioeconomic development…

ii Kenya if you concentrate too much on academics you will be left behind as your peers make money moves …

Good stuff

Huyu alikuwa Mwalimu wangu wa strategy. Nitamleta aandike strategic plan ya Ngima Corp

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After undergraduate, me thinks mtu anafaa kuongeza masomo while at the same time akitia bidii looking for money . The two have to move concurrently

Many people from all tribes have PhDs and they are not PSs or head of parastatals