Professional Body Massage

You need nerves of steel for this job … :D:D



@Freyja ulikuwa unakandwa hivi? Ile siku ulisoak ngotha ukabeba kwa mfuko? :D:D:D

How do such men and gynecologist get bonner when they compare this with their wives who resemble drums?

Difference; fish smell

:D:eek::eek: that’s a bit too much.

Kwani wale wameenda kwa Gyno na wa massage hawana fish smell? I thought it is natural?

Tell us.

May be those drums turn them on:D:D

kazi ya gynaecologist huwa tough, they deal with the sick and unhealthy, zengine za wamaasai hazijaoshwa kwa siku kadhaa.

hii ni PR the average client for such services looks like this

I am asking because I am neither a gyno nor a Masseurs

This is where Training and Professionalism come in …

Same way a Military Officer is shooting people one day and a relaxing in his home with Wife and Kids the next …

Different situations , different behavior …

Hiyo ni kazi mingi