Prof Makau Mutua is breathing fire - waaah


The comments and replies on twirra

Barrack Mulika ni hasora damu bwana

So what you gonna do??? Is the softer way of saying…“mtadooo???”

Hii ni kutafuta nusu mkate. Kuna kitu wanajua.sasa ni rais kukagua atakavyofanya.

Makau bamboozles Kenyans with colloquial American speak and low as hominem jabs when he has nothing to offer. Remember McCain in one debate going low and referring to Obama as “that guy”, of course he had nothing to bring to the debate so he went for the person inorder to distabilize his thought process

I won’t listen to estrogen filled accent from an old man.

Makau mutua ni umbwa

Just another useless busy body

This team is working hard to ensure that the country is divided

Makau ni mbwa mzee