Prof. Kivutha Kibwana

A substantial number of Kenyans have been heaping praise on the Makueni Governor who’s serving his last term… a case in point being this post that has gone viral; [MEDIA=facebook]governorkibwana/posts/955487351314107[/MEDIA]

Personally, I admire the good Prof a lot. He seems to have the brains to not only know but more importantly fulfil the mandate set forth for him as a governor. We also know he was instrumental as a planner/advisor in the best regime we’ve had since independence (ile ya Baba Jimmy).

His weakness, some will say is that he is not aggressive enough to vie for the very top seat but a lot has been changing in the electoral sphere as a nation. We no longer blindly support people for seats based on flimsy stuff but the only aspect yet to change in this regard is tribal inclinations.

I will definitely vote for Hon. KK if at all he’s on the ballot. It won’t matter if Ruto and Raila (current frontrunners will vie). My mind is so made up on this yaani, wah.

What are your thoughts?

We need more people like you. Sio mambo ya kufuata tu blindly raila, ruto na uhuru.

Hata hii referendum ikikuja inafaa tusome wenyewe tuelewe.
Mambo ya Orengo sneaking in na agenda selfish tukatae. If parliament cannot be trusted how can we trust them to vote in a president?

Unfortunately mtu amejipanga pekee ni ruto, I see a scenario where by the rest hawajajipanga will unite against him.

Kenya and Kenyans are not yet ready to vote for people like Kivutha Kibwana or those of a similar character. Posts will go viral, we will create hashtags indicating that we are woke and will vote for Kibwana but come election day we will all crawl back to our tribal cocoons and the ujinga of “better the devil you know”. We need to stop lying to Kibwana, we did the same to Peter Kenneth, made him viral and all but we settled for theatrics. Kenyan bado kuna shida, there is still so much ujinga that we have to deal with first.

Will TMT allow him to run?

This son of a peasant will probably get a burnout before he even knows it.

Kibwana aliokolewa na Uhuru. He had been successively impeached by his MCAs and the Senate. But the president declined to let him go!

The other day someone asked a very important question; does kivutha himself want to be President? And if so us he known beyond the blogsphere? Do ordinary wananchi kule mashinani know him…try asking your mum if she has ever heard if him.
And does he have the funds to mount a presidential campaign?
I like him…but for him to be president he will have to stand on shoulders of the same people we dislike.

A time comes where the norm isn’t automatic any longer. That time is now. You and I have to make a difference. As a Kyuk, mimi sina deni ya mtu :D:D:D

Personally i can campaign for KK for free…

Guess what? 29 of those 30 MCAs who were embarrassing themselves at Harambee House were not re-elected by Makueni voters last year. Says a lot since the good prof won with a landslide.

Sadly so :confused:

If memory serves me right it was the other way round ! Kamwana saved the MCas KK was the one who wanted the county government dissolved!

Tutapiga kelele hapa tu yote Tisa kumi ni the circle continues @Ice_Cube [USER=139]@Meria Mata make sure ile CD iko na driver’s za kumi fresh iko in safe custody isishikwe na mould!

We have been saying “the time is now” since 2003. Look at the political engagement we are having as a country at the moment. Look at the people we are supporting as 2022 frontrunners at the moment. Is what is happening at the moment point to a people who have changed in their political thought. Far from it There is no generation alive at the moment that will bring about the change that this country needs. Even the youth who it was hoped will break away from the primitive politics of their fathers are no better, all you need to do is speak a few sheng words, wear a pair of jeans and take selfies with them and they’ll vote you to the last man, while claiming “manze huyu jama ndo anajua shida za mayuts”. Do not be confused by the feel good and radical converstaions you see on social media, those are empty and have no capital other than riding on the days news cycle.

Uko na point but I refuse to fall into the victim mentality we seem to have allowed be second nature.
I will vote for change and not fall for the same old gimmicks

true, he will need to get funds for a campaign and support from other leaders and traverse a good part of the country selling himself, if he does that then he can get my vote.

Hapo you’re very wrong bwana itumbi , he’s the one who proposed it.

Sadly, he is in the wrong party, if he has the balls to form his own party and break away from kalonzo, then I’ll consider.

Stop confusing National politics with County politics. Huyu haezani na urais. Firts, he doesn’t have the finanacial muscle to run a presidential campaign. Second, the dude is like 1 million years old and he will burnout quickly. Third, he has not done anything spectacular imho. Kenyan’s are used to low standards hence normal standards like such are overhyped. Also, some Governor’s have also done well. Fourth, the only thing that will stop Uliam from being the president is death. Nothing else. Dude has set his eyes on the presidency and I don’t think he will fail.