Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr Wekesa

I am already loving this lunje professor doctor doctor Wekesa, I like his ideas.

He’s thorough, and he anchors his answers on actual cases in Kenya and elsewhere. He is a professor of law. Your “friend” Justice Warsame wonders why Prof has “nomadic tendencies”, he’s not settling to gather moss in one university:D

I don’t like Warsames line of questioning bcz he is supposed to ask technical questions. What is technical about the question of nomadic tendencies. Technical means technical. Even if he is hungry it’s not an excuse to become irrelevant.

Actually, I didn’t see the question as irrelevant. I saw it as his way of asking if there’s something Prof has been looking for that he hasn’t found in his career (i.e. Is he feeling unfulfilled, so he doesn’t stay long olin one place?)
It’s the choice of words I found funny. And by the way this particular interview was rich in funny remarks, including the Prof’s closing suggestion to the interviewers to take a dip in the swimming pool.

The way you will like The Enigmas Anaconda after he is done shifting your intestines and your endosplasmic reticulum.

What part of the body is the endosplasmic reticulum?