Product Reviews

How authentic are product reviews about products sold online
I am trying to buy shoes and I see a lot of sites with some reviews, like,,
Are the reviews authentic?
who has ever used these sites

Speaking from a product reviewer’s perspective (smartphones), a dedicated product review website is trustworthy. Don’t believe reviews published on the same website as the product being sold. Sometimes companies solicit positive reviews on these pages. Huawei was found doing so with last year’s Mate 10 Pro on US’ Best Buy retailer.

Dedicated reviewer website? Errr… hii swali ni ngumu kweli. Si reveiwer atahongwa? Si afadhali hata consumer forums ambapo watu wanajiliwaza matata wamekumbana nayo na kupeana mawaidha? Hapo ndipo utasikia watu wa bmw, hakuna hata mmoja hajui high pressure pump ni nini; Watu wa vw wooote gearbox, etc. Lakini nakubaliana na wewe manufacturer haezi toa objective review.

the review of a device such as an electric kettle or other electrical/electronic device may be fair, considering that the device is testable and is capable of giving a scientific reading. the review of a shoe, on the other hand, is dependent on the subjective opinion of the wearer whose numbers could be different from yours. the best advice therefore would be you visit a shoe shop where you can fit the shoe and determine if it is the one for your foot- because, as they say, it is the wearer who knows where the shoe pinches…:smiley:
on another note, i sincerely doubt shoe buyers actually remembered to write a note to praise their purchases or the manufacturers followed up their customers to get a comment - and i know i am too lazy to fill out and post those customer reply coupons -. so most likely those reviews are fake; and i wonder who tries to make a sale on a fake testimony unless their merchandise is fake too!.

I have on a few occasions been contracted to write fake reviews for websites.

:D:D:D Sasa unaona

Find time to go personally and try the shoes on, same with cloths. The pictures might look good but you can’t know how it suits you until you try it on. The mirror is yet to be replaced by IT.

In a country that nothing passes by without corruption, it’s easy to take this stand. But in my case, I buy a phone with my hard-earned cash and do a review of it based on my real life experience. Manufacturer hata hajui kama nilinunua simu so there’s no way atamess na review yangu.

In other cases, manufacturers send review units. Use it and write a review and then send it back. As a reviewer, you say what you experienced on the device first-hand.

And yes, dedicated consumer forums are the best. Problem is they don’t give you an all-in-one review. A better way is to check both before you make your final decision

KamongoMonger unausa Usamaki fake?

I trust reviews from verified buyers!

About ten percent of my current income comes from writing reviews across a wide range of products for various online clients.

With time, I have come to realize that such reviews will give you a maximum of ninety percent of the information that you should have in order to make a decision whether to buy a product or not.

Take a review of pair of shoes, for example.

I will present information regarding wearing all leather shoes in wet conditions, such as the current weather conditions we are going through. This is compared to wearing a pair fabricated from plastic, PVC, or other “non-breathing” material.

I will probably talk about how to determine what type of shoes you should wear on a certain occasion. No one in their right mind will wear a pair of Wellington “Gum” boots to an office interview for accountancy, for example.

Conversely, if you are planning on starting an off-season tomato growing venture in Mwea, a pair of Wellington Boots is an essential tool you need to navigate and supervise your crop.

In a nutshell, a preview should help you determine what you need the pair of shoes for and then goes on to help you eliminate the available options until you arrive at a choice with the least challenges.

That will be the ninety percent of my job. The remaining ten percent is up to you.

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