Problems which only women marrying broke asses can understand

Good day everyone, pls she need your advise on this

"My fiance has asked that we postpone our wedding until we reach an agreement.

What happened is this; I have my own house but he is living in a rented apartment. I automatically thought he would move in with me since my space is four times bigger than his. it was when I called in the decorator to expand my closet to fit his that he said, there was no need to do that, that we would be moving to his place.

We have discussed this so many times and I explained that he could pay me the rent if it makes him feel better. Why should I inconvenience myself when we both could live conveniently? Why will someone call off a wedding till I agree to move in with him?

It just raises so many questions for me about who he really is. I don’t want to beg him because I have been doing that but if I give in to moving into a small 2 bedroom apartment, just to make him happy, what else would I have to give in to?

Why is this such a big deal for him to see me live uncomfortably, away from what I am used to.
I love him but this is a scary sign I have never seen before, should I move out of mine to make him feel better?

My mother said we should rent a bigger place, which would not be owned by any of us. He disagreed and still insisted I move in with him first. Now little things are coming up, the things he cant afford for the wedding, I collect the money and add to it, to get the standard of what I want. He gets upset and insists that I get only what he has paid for…nothing more.

I don’t know what to do…I am scared for myself…I am worried…what do I do?"

*Questions drawn *

Is this an issue of pride on the man or an issue of lack of submission on the part of the woman or what exactly do you think the issue is?

Is it something they can resolve or should they just go their separate ways?

Are they compatible?

what advise do you have for this intending couple.

@Finest wine leta maoni please

Tommorw he will tell you to deliver your child at home its cheaper because he does not want to help pay

kesho no tissue paper use newspapers its my house let me be single I also have standards. I love a husband who is no questions asked

Ma Ben ten mko wapi.
Oneni chance imejileta

I, for the first time have to agree with @TrumanCapote. The husband should swallow his pride. Or at least compromise and agree he needs some help. Or at least aonyeshe fiance mahali amenunua ploti ndio ata yeye aone there is a future and kuingia apartment ni kwa muda.

Ogopa pesa ya mwanamke. Mutakosana aimbie kila mtu. Unakumbuka kesi ya the meru senator na sijui secretary wa ruto.

Broke men should not get into the union called marriage precisely because of women’s nature…
If you can’t dominate her financially, you are on the way becoming the woman in that house.

Utafungiwa nguo zako Kwa mfuko ya 20 Bob mkikosana.

You know Mamasita here is a huge advocate of kila mtu and his/her thing in this day and age. And unless I am reading the tea leaves wrong, proud Kenyan men do not like living in a woman’s hse.

The solution here is simple. She rents her house out and they get a property together in joint names. Win win win… or she postpones the wedding as we know wayward men get jittery when a wedding is on the placeholder. So he could be looking for a way out.

Never ever move into a woman’s house. This brother has it right. It will never be his house. A man, a complete man needs his space where he can roar. Now just imagine moving into her house. Where other men chewed her before you two met!
Male ego is like female beauty. You see, men deal with you creatures and the crazy packages you come in. A brother once dated a woman who wore make up 24/7. I mean this make up is so advanced it’s waterproof! And takes 2+ hours to touch up daily. Did the man complain? No.
He swallowed the bullet. Men understand that women have a price. If you want her, you’ve got to pay.
But women deal with male ego like it’s smelly shit. Maybe it is but alas. That’s the package. Borrow a leaf. If his package isn’t your flavor stop wasting time.

The little I know about men and I probably know nothing (considering I’ve never even read a book about them unlike my mgtow and red peels who have PhDs on women’s psychology) , is that they are really competitive, especially if they are not doing very well in the real world. The few people I’ve seen try this loopsided arrangement of the woman with more money than the guy, end up disappointed bcz the guy will go overboard in trying to establish dominance and if he is unable to, he will leave for a poorer woman. An emasculated man is a man who will read disrespect in every thing. You are in a bad mood bcz you had a bad day at work its because you have more money than him. You buy a new dress without consulting him, it’s because you don’t respect him bcz you have more money than him. Basically you will be walking on eggshells and minimizing yourself to assuage his sagging ego. Which is a difficult life to live. If she was a cunning woman, she should have pretended to have rented the house she lives in. Men hide their assets from women all the time, I don’t know why women want to be sooo open to men about everything. He might have considered moving in if he thought that the house was rented because he’d be paying rent, so technically it’d be his house. I don’t know but sometimes honesty just isn’t the best policy in relationships. As for the wedding, why does he have to even be involved. If there’s a committee, money could come from friends, parents anywhere. Again the problem is that the woman is too open with the man. In weddings plenty goes on that the man has no idea. I think she’s taking the idea of union too far. Only tell the man the minimum he needs to know, he doesn’t need to know shit has been upgraded and who will pay for it, let him just discover it on the wedding day. Let him not be involved wedding nitty-gritty. Everyone knows that weddings are the woman’s day. Also she sounds desperate to get married and the man is now having a powertrip forcing her to do things his way or he calls off the wedding. Of course once the precedent is set, that’s the tone the marriage will take. You do what I want or I walk out of this marriage. Men are tyrants when you give them too much power. If she’s begging him now to do things what will happen when she loses power by having his children? Begging will make a man lose respect for a woman. Without respect there can not be love. Anyway these are the pitfalls of marrying down. It’s going against nature so it can’t be smooth sailing. This woman really wants to help out the guy but men don’t want women’s help. Their entire identity is wrapped around being able to make it on their own. When a woman helps, it’s overbearing like a mother. Then once he makes it he’ll want to get rid of the ‘mother’ and get himself a damsel in distress, he can do everything for. I have seen it happen enough times. Men don’t appreciate anything even a glass of water they did not work for. So stop trying to help. You may mean well but he will resent you for it eventually. Oh BTW I was told this by a man, so I guess that validates it. The guy told me that all a man needs from his woman is to keep up her looks, good sex, house keeping, child rearing and delicious food. Anything above and beyond that a woman is overstepping her mandate and killing the man’s attraction toward her, the man wants to work for the woman not the other way around. I’ve seen this with my close relative, his first wife was the type to do everything, so he just stepped back and let her. Eventually he broke up with her when she was pregnant and in a wheelchair after being the only survivor in an accident . The woman he is now happily married to had no job when they met, he got her a job, took her to college, now he does everything. GLADLY. This woman is very basic compared to him because he’s a brilliant scientist.

I’ve also heard these funny cases of gold digger men. If they found a lady like this the guy would have shamelessly moved in already. Na amweke mimba for safe keeping.

I support the idea that she needn’t tell him everything. As long as she’s faithful some things she’d better hide. Ajue pia not all men are like this. Huku village so many men have at some point lost their jobs and wife was the breadwinner. Just be mindful of his ego. Hapana maringo mingi na pesa.

Even in those situations men usually become very Moody others get a cheap MWK maybe the house help, just someone who will look up to him. Ego is a very big problem in men. I have been in a car with a man, different men, lost and the man will not stop to ask for direction for 2 hours until he figures it out for himself. So nowadays I have learnt to shut my mouth and let us be lost until he finds the way. It’s a real problem and you women are just super helpful especially when they love you. To them love is saving you from suffering but without that suffering you can not become a man. If they overhelp you, they disable you as a man. You become a mommas boy instead of a self made man. It’s important to understand the nature of a person and then come up with Protocols on how to live harmoniously with such a person. Bure you will only succeed in making each other miserable.

Hahahahaha:D I came back to this thread to check if my MGTOW brethren have shown up. Not a squeak hahahahaha. This is because at 45y/o Muchatha Local, Duke of Kuma, Mimi humwaga everywhere are going to marry these beautiful 18-21 y/os who know jerk about life. But alas they are in hibernation. Siwaoni on this thread.

Let me tell you one thing Georgina, never ever believe that mbuchit of happily ever after. Nada. It is a partnership unless one is dominating the other. Bring something to the table. Something…