Why is it when i open a thread it starts from the last comment at the bottom, or if the thread has more than one page it would start from the last comment of the last page?. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?, I’m on Brave browser?. I did not have this problem in the old ktalk.

@Mundu Mulosi @Deorro @Purple @Electronics4u

Hii mambo imeni sinya sana!.

Wacha tu tegee hao wengine

@Midget problems, cunt relate


which browser ama all?

Brave browser and Chrome. Though i have updated Chrome io shida ika lost, so i suppose brave browser iko na shida. Also, i failed to mention that the problem only happens when you open a thread from “Main Category”, threads inside a category open fine.

will check that

though brave is chromium based so most probably they have to wait for chrome to update first