Problem with Tecno, Infinix, Oppo etc

Sio kwa ubaya, but this is the truth about Tecno, Xiaomi, Infinix, Oppo and all of those Chinese phones that people hype up.

  1. The LCD screen quality is outdated. Until you’ve used a super Amoled screen by Samsung then you will understand what I’m talking about.

Notice the difference?


  1. The phone apps are too cluttered. Apps everywhere. You even have an app for opening another app.

  2. Too much adverts forced in the background.

  3. They’re too heavy in the pocket. No sleek design.

  4. Poor camera quality.

Like @Nyamgondho said: any smartphone that uses djs and dancers with t-shirts as part of its marketing team is not worth it.

Also, there is a reason the so called Tecno, Infinix, Xiamo, Oppo etc are not sold in Europe and U.S. It’s simply because out there they don’t accept low quality.

The only good smartphones on the market are iphones, Samsung, Google Pixel and OnePlus.

Also, Mediatek phones from whichever brand are also chieth

Wacha ma hustler wajibambe

This is a Chinese phone under BBK cousin ya Oppo and xiaomi

If you Google top mobile phone brands in the world, nearly every list has xiaomi and oppo in the top ten. There is a good reason why.

Different strokes for different folks.

OnePlus is sister to Oppo. There are rumors that the two are being fused into one.

OnePlus kwisa… wataleta ads.

Sijawahi skia Oppo iko na ads

Oppo has ads, ni vile you can easily turn them off unlike Realme techno xiaomi

Venye nimesema:

  1. iPhone/ Samsung
  2. Google
  3. Others

True phones that are advertised by dancers and DJs from Oyole are a no-go zone for the @Nyamgondho.

Companies like apple will take action if you pull such antics. If you are an iPhone distributor you can’t even offer discounts without direct permission from Apple. Usije ukawaharibia jina. That’s why an iPhone 11 is priced very closely to the 12.

Xiaomi is the worst with ads… Many people flush the phone with EU roms but when they update MiUI, xiaomi takes sweet revenge by accelerating ads by 1000% and installing covert adware. They can even decide to mine crypto using your phone hardware to recover their lost ad revenue. Hakuna mahali unaweza wapeleka plus you’re on the wrong.

Unapata battery inadrain to 50% in an hour.

@Nyamgondho is meffi in my eyes

Bora ndugu inyongeke

I hope Huawei makes a comeback. I really fúcking love their mid-range devices.

I bought this nice xiomi redmi 9. but suddenly the ads have become too much. They battery haikai for long like a few weeks back when it was still new.

Their sister Honor will have google play store soon

I uninstalled palm store app

I haven’t seen the “too much adverts”