Problem After Flashing Custom ROM

Hello villagers, i need your help here.
i have a samsung galaxy trend plus. i flashed cm13 then resulted in no network(emergency calls only). i then downgraded to cm12 but didnt solve the problem. i have read that this is a common problem with samsung devices but i dont knw the solution. anyone who has ever encountered this or knows of a solution? I will appreciate any help. thanks in advance,

If its a common issue flash back your backup rom. Kaa u did not do a back up then flash stock firmware through Odin

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sasa hakuna vile naeza tumia custom with network on samsung?

download a new radio for your device flash, it and thank me later

You can my advice is if a custom ROM has bad reviews just skip it. Go here na you will find a good rom am sure. Take your time read reviews then decide.

Radio…??? the normal radio app?? coz it doesnt have…

Before flashing a Rom. Read through the ROM thread. Note the issue’s raised by anyone, if the issue is raised by 3 others or more then thats a bug in the rom if not then ni huyo jamaa pekee

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@snapdragon ndo alinipea link ya ROM ya pili na akanishow ashaitumia so kumanisha si bug ya hiyo rom. na secondly i have flashed two roms not one.

Ebu tell him, dont go flashing roms juu you just want a rom. Then mtu advices you u flash radio band on that rom, @effractarius electronicus do you know how to give permissions to a system app? If not just flash a new rom and dont dirty flash make a clean install.

Uliclean flash ama dirty flash?

Hehehehe that radio is in format of a disc image. A ROM contains the following images; bootloader, system, radio, vendor, boot and recovery. He probably meant that radio which is in .img format. It’s flashed using ADB i.e fastboot flash radio radio.img…

Lakini hii sioni why. Just clean flash the second rom ama hiyo @snapdragon alikupa clean flash, use the gapps suggested then test if kuna bugs

Have u tried changing network manually…2G or 3G only
Lkn i told u to start afresh by flashing stockrom
Cynogenmod cannot share a rom bila network unless its in very young stage for developers to test and fix

i dont knw hi n nini…
i cleared everything (systm ,usr data, internal mem,dalvik cache …) etc then flashed

Ya thats a clean flash… kama uko na imei na baseband is present and seria number haisomi 1234 that means your efs partition is ok and the device is capable of networks

haina ip address

nop not the FM radio but the telephone radio contains drivers for the network hardware you can also find and delete the cm radio and replace it with your original ROM radio it worked for me once as long as they share base band version

ip address is assigned by service provider when u are connected to network saai hauko connected thats why hauna ip addrress

give me the procedure

na ukirudisha stock rom does the network work?

Problem is the modem /radio, tafuta a working modem that works with our networks you flash ama rudi stock ROM