Probably the funniest upcoming comedian in kenya. who's your favorite comedian?

@hitler WA SOUTH B funniest videos combination ft #madocho

It’s okay for the Kenyan market. But way too unintelligent for me.


Hiyo jina yake kama ya nganya will not get him any corporate gigs even if he is good. Eti ambassador wa safaricom anaitwa Hitler

Who’s your favorite comedian

Hahaha ukona point but aneza make it insta na youtube

Mine is dead. George Carlin.

No no no… Intelligence level iko chini. Furthest ataenda ni Eastlando. Why don’t we have stand up comedians wa majuu??

Locally I like the big Kalenjin lady on Churchill Show.
Chebet Rono is not that bad either.
YY tries.

Your sense of humour is below the anal sphincter.

You make do with what you can find.