Pro Palis are crying that big media houses are covering Israel's response while ignoring the Mzansi one

Wazungu ni watu wajanja sana :joy::joy::joy:. Jana they carried on as if nothing was happening alafu leo wameweka links all over. Chosen Pests are Chosen indeed

If Israel goes unchecked this time, they may become worse than they have ever been.

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Imo, Palis are the ones to be checker. Stop terrorism and negotiate.

Palestinians are victims of Hamas’ machinations and Israeli cruelty. Theya re caught between a rock and a hard place, TBH. That’s a fact we can never run away from.

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If the west loves Israel so much, why don’t they give Israel their land

Israel is sovereign. Nugubumhead.

Great. Intelligent answer. Atleast you have the facts at hand. I agree with you.

Katia Hamas ile buroti yako Kamulu.

Hamas wako kwao

Hata Jews.