Pro-life vs Pro-choice

Does life begin at conception or birth? Should pregnant women be able to access ‘safe’ abortion freely, under certain circumstances or not at all? Is abortion really murder? Should men have any opinion relating to abortion in the first place? Is it ethical for a girl who was raped by an uncle to have to give birth to the child? Discuss

Thank God bado stigma ya kuuwa unborn iko Kenya. Wacheni watu wazae. Hii deni ya mla mbwa italipwa na nani watu wakitoa mimba?

Life is sacred. But if a mother wants to kill her unborn baby, hatutamzuia, lakini ajue tumeosha mikono already, damu ya mtoto wake isiwe juu yetu. If a person wants to murder her own kids, let her do it. Atapambana na hali yake badaye.

If a woman is given the option to murder an unborn child whenever she feels like it, I should at least be given the option to opt out of child support without being made to look like a monster

Feminazi and their supporters in media, parliament and courtrooms will never allow you this even though it makes perfect sense.


Does the same apply to Jacob Juma?

Hii story inakuanga confusing. For starters, if it was consensual, own up to your mistake, lea tu, (wo)man up. Usiangamishe mtu juu ya mistakes zako. Now, for a rape case, hapo yenyewe siwezi comment juu haikuwa decision yake.

Pro choice. Women should be given access to safe arbotion methods. Arbotion is one way to control population

Jacob Juma was killed by US agents. He was set up by his own friends who used to feed him with privileged information to blackmail their business partners

Population can be controlled without loss of human life you know

I personally wouldn’t mind to arbot a 7 month fetus. I can also encouraging my wife or daughter to arbot if it will be beneficial for them.

What’s wrong with you

:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: you are kidding us right? why would you encourage these murders? you should tell them the key is to keep their legs crossed coz sometimes protection may not work. The only women who should abort according to me are rape victims.
[SIZE=1]Anyway I am pro-life so I will bounce out of this thread.[/SIZE]

You tell me. Africans we must rethink our approach to sustainability and individual freedoms. U still think mtoto ni baraka? Kasia :D:D:D:D:D

Mtoto ni baraka kutoka Kwa Mungu. Watu wazea kila mitoto itakuja na spoon yake.

Niaje madam London naskia Stanford bridge kuna waka Moto.

Abstaining does not work particularly with these young ones. If she gets pregnant, give her money to arbot it. No hard feelings. I used to encourage my gfs to arbot. Those who refused, well, walibeba mzigo pekee.

Wacha na story za bridge. Yalio pita… See u guys at the Emirates.

I’m curious what others think of this scenario.
Wife ako 5 months pregnant. Ultrasound imeonyesha hakuna brain activity in the foetus meaning huyo mtoi atakuwa na serious mental issues for the rest of their life. Kama wale wa downs syndrome, the ones that look Chinese. Would you still support no abørtion?
And before you answer kumbuka huyo mtoto and later on adult will need 24/7 365 care for the rest of their lives meaning one parent will have to stay home.
I think in this situation I would hope for a miscarriage :eek::oops: